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  1. Superomegaprime

    Favourte Gimmicks?

    I've been kind of thinking about this for a few days and sort I thought I ask, what has been your favourte gimmick in Transformers aside from the robot to vehicle and back again? I would say, the Weaponizer gimmick has been my favourte to date as you can plug parts of other figures onto another...
  2. Superomegaprime

    Happy New Year

    While its not quite New Year, yet, here in the UK, I thought I say it anyway and also just leave a little video that popped up on my Youtube subs to make you all laugh: So HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!
  3. Superomegaprime

    Best figures of 2021?

    What figures do you deem the best of this year? I would say for me: Kingdom: Dinobot, Rodimus & Cyconus Studio series 86: Hot Rod & Gnaw SG: Jetfire Buzzworthy BB: Origins Others/honourable mentions: Agent Ravage Transmute
  4. Superomegaprime

    Hasbro CEO passes away

    Apparently the CEO of Hasbro has passed away aged 58 RIP
  5. Superomegaprime

    Random Transformers Videos

    Simple enough thread, any transformers videos you feel like posting, stop motion, reviews, AMVs, that sort of thing So, I'll start off with one from a youtuber who tends to do transformers reviews more that anything else but he always has a funny skirt at the end of his videos, anyway, he...
  6. Superomegaprime

    What if? Change something of TF history and speclate what could happen or have a few laughs at possible changes

    I was just thinking about the idea of what if, just take something from TF history and change it, what do you think might happen or could happen? Example: just as Starscream was throwing Megatron out of Astrotrain in the 86 movie, what if someone decided to push him out as well as he held...
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