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  1. Dvandom

    The Dragon Prince

    If you think farting is below the Avatar, you forget how Aang was raised. :) Also, poor Viren...came so close to redemption, then bang, total backslide. ---Dave
  2. Dvandom

    The 3rd Party Toy Picture thread

    Okay, AliExpress has it as Zang Tao, but same thing (searching on SV-001 Metal Slug mostly gets non-transforming tanks). About a hundred bucks, hm. ---Dave
  3. Dvandom

    Pony Pictures Post Perseveres

    "Why does Trixie have a fang? ... Oh, tangency issue with the drapes in the background." ---Dave
  4. Dvandom

    The 3rd Party Toy Picture thread

    What's this one called? It looks like another Metal Slug altmode, but it's not at all like the one from a few years ago with the more Bayformery altmode. ---Dave
  5. Dvandom

    Hasbro, Fix your damn panels or stop using them.

    I had to exert a LOT of force to get Leader Blitzwing's tabs into their slots for various modes as well. I think they're leaning too hard on "test in computer" QC, assuming that if the renders fit well enough the actual toys will too. ---Dave
  6. Dvandom

    Transformers: EarthSpark

    I wonder if the story editors and writers expected this to be a weekly release with no break, or perhaps with Decoy as the break point, because there was nothing at the end of the last episode about . ---Dave
  7. Dvandom

    Transformers: EarthSpark

    Okay, I'm through Decoy, will probably finish tomorrow. I am curious if anyone has the in "Decoy," my Roku's ability to do precision frame advance, to be kind. I was able to see most of it, but I still missing some important bits. General thoughts so far: for the most part, it...
  8. Dvandom

    MLP:MYM - Holiday Special "Winter Wishday"..............................(SPOILERS)

    This sort of thing is why the "It's the future of G4" feels so tacked on. Every bit of culture from G4 has been lost, there's no holidays or locations or rites of passage that survive, and the only way they can make it fit is say "Twilight Sparkle had to blow everything up and change everything...
  9. Dvandom

    Dice identification request.

    The game started with a bunch of factions that were aligned with the great houses without being officially part of them, plus a few mercenary companies. The one you're talking about is the Kurita-aligned faction, "Dragon's Fury." From top to bottom, the factions in that dice picture are...
  10. Dvandom

    Dice identification request.

    The original "Clickytech" Battletech dice sets would be two "proper" colors dice and one inverted, because the rolling system needed one die to be different for purposes of crits (the two same-color dice rolling 12, rather than any two of the three dice being 6s). ---Dave
  11. Dvandom

    Customs G1 Minerva from Nightbeat - blast from the past

    After reviewing Legacy Minerva, I decided to dig out my late 90s Minerva custom and see if it had survived decades in storage. Amazingly it did, although I didn't want to push things so I didn't try transforming it. Here's some pictures, compared to Legacy. (I was going for screen accuracy...
  12. Dvandom

    Pony Pictures Post Perseveres

    Does that make Misty the Amity equivalent? ---Dave
  13. Dvandom

    IDW Little Fillies #1

    Basically, it feels like* the Mane 6 found out about O&O nights and asked Discord to let them roleplay something too. He's GMing a Completely Original Story He Absolutely Didn't Steal From Another World and they're all playing roles (with Discord playing a bunch of the supporting cast, as a GM...
  14. Dvandom

    The Dragon Prince

    Terry is Viren's karmic punishment. ---Dave
  15. Dvandom

    Botbots Appreciation thread!

    This time they actually arrived. ---Dave
  16. Dvandom

    Nightmare Night (MLP. Scary, but fun!)

    Is Misty's half-mask costume a reference to something, or did someone just do it and it caught on with fan artists? ---Dave
  17. Dvandom

    Star Trek Lower Decks

    Ugh, once again I need to see if it's possible to disable the autoplay-something-else feature, I missed the post-credits scene because P+ had decided I wanted to watch Discovery instead and I just exited. (ETA: It can only be done in the TV app, under settings, video.) ---Dave
  18. Dvandom

    Botbots Appreciation thread!

    Yeah, once again I got a notification that my pre-orders would ship in a few days. Of course, last time that happened, it got pushed back to Spring 2023 soon after. ---Dave
  19. Dvandom


    Knockoff Rescue Bots racer sets. An almost-on-model Blurr, and jet-mode Blades in Bumblebee colors. The autotransform works acceptably well. I picked up the Triceratops/Blades set. ---Dave
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