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  1. Paladin

    Animorphs graphic novels

    There's only 2 of these so far but I'm really enjoying the updated storytelling. If you grew up in the 90s and remember this series I recommend picking these up! Hopefully the line continues. and maybe sidesteps some of the crappier books...
  2. Paladin

    Planet X "CACUS"- IDW Grimlock

    another impressive bit of work.
  3. Paladin

    Muppets Haunted Mansion

    Two great tastes that go great together!
  4. Paladin

    comedian Norm MacDonald dead at 61 RIP Turd Ferguson. :(
  5. Paladin

    Cyberverse Appreciation Thread

    Found the new Deluxes at retail. picked up Cheetor, Thunderhowl & Grimlock. the new packaging is interesting but the open-box seems like it'll cause more problems than solve.
  6. Paladin

    What's Cooking?

    Share your culinary creations! pulled this together last week- stir fry; usting mostly leftover meat & veggies.
  7. Paladin

    The Leaked Listings Thread

    To keep track of any potential upcoming releases! Here is what we know so far from the upcoming line after Kingdom; supposedly named "Legacy/Evolution"- supposedly the Titan for this line is
  8. Paladin

    The Toku Thread

    Celebrate the forum return with a special viewing of Movie War Megamax!
  9. Paladin

    HasLab Victory Saber

    The latest project is (as of this writing) a little over halfway to the goal with 37 days to go. Will it hit the mark?
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