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  1. wonko the sane?

    Make your Mark and cutie marks...

    So... why the hell are they only on the one side? Aren't the stamps supposed to be on both sides of the plot?
  2. wonko the sane?

    Elite Dangerous: because when you aren't alone, they want to kill you.

    But it's not personal, it's just business. So yes, another space game. Been around about 10 years now, recently got a DLC which added first person content that the devs are rather half heartedly attempting to "no man's sky". Kinda working too, recent opinions are on the uptick. Anywho: I'm...
  3. wonko the sane?

    Thank you all for the attention, the situation is resolved.

    Howdy folks. I am requesting some help from my american colleagues to acquire a Terrorsaur from target. Whom ever is willing to help must be willing to take a simple canadians money, and then ship internationally. Or walk it, I honestly don't care. Want terrorsaur. Let me know, thank you.
  4. wonko the sane?

    The artemis moon mission.

    Hey folks, let's talk about this for a moment. On monday, the artemis rocket will be launching, with the goal of swinging round the ass end of the moon to takes all kinds of meaningful readings and notes to fine tune the manned mission planned to launch in 2024. This is going to be the BIGGEST...
  5. wonko the sane?


    Because, as some of you know, I have a type when it comes to games. So, an open world, crafting, base building, survival game. I've been playing for a while now, got about 9 hours under my belt. I actually had to restart and reduce the difficulty because it IS geared towards playing...
  6. wonko the sane?

    The steam summer sale is ON!

    *checks wishlist* ah... I feel cheated. These savings suck.
  7. wonko the sane?

    Guess what game is back? That's right: Fallen Earth.

    So, here's the story as I know it so far! Fallen earth is an MMO dropped in 2009 using a subscription base, bought two years later by gamers first, and monetized to death. It was purchased by little orbit in 2018, shut down shortly after, and came back THIS YEAR as completely free to play as...
  8. wonko the sane?

    The Slaverian Trucker, formely: the wasteland trucker. Post apocalyptic "summer car" with a healthy dose of eurojank.

    Another roughly physics based driving, survival and car maintenance game coming out of eastern europe somewhere. It's popped up in my queue and youtube a bunch of times, probably due to my time and research into "the long drive". Now, some of you are probably wondering what I mean by...
  9. wonko the sane?

    Dying Light 2: stay human

    Open world, resource collecting, zombie fighting, with a long form story with "moral" choices AND free running? Sign me up! I was a fan of the original, not like fallout level of fandom, but I definetly played it more than most of the games in my library: and was thoroughly impressed by how...
  10. wonko the sane?

    Space Engineers! Adventures in Survival!

    Acquired this little scifi-sandbox game an age ago and poked at it a few times. The general slowness of the survival start, combined with the learning curve, and a game which generally seems to be working against you in terms of hidden settings and poor documentation, kinda set me off giving it...
  11. wonko the sane?

    General Question for the artists, about tablets.

    My nephew is powerfully driven by drawing, and it's become kinda obvious that he's not going to abandon the habit like other things he's chosen to do over his short time on this earth. Consequently, I am looking for information regarding entry level tablets and software so that next time he's...
  12. wonko the sane?

    The "and now I'm feeling sad" thread.

    Was feeling pretty good: had a good day, had a nice drink, in a good mood. For various reasons I wound up in the address book to my oldest email account. I saw that there was a bunch of saved addresses from kijiji. I figured this wasn't right, so I started deleting them. Really, no big deal...
  13. wonko the sane?

    Deep Rock Galactic: space dwarves mining and killing!

    Been enjoying this lovely title for a while now. As we know, I have a type: so it's an open world, survival, crafting, simulation... what? It's NOT?!?!? It's a mission based, up to four player cooperative run and gun? You choose your class (and you can change this at any time using the terminal...
  14. wonko the sane?

    The "Neat information but probably doesn't deserve it's own thread" thread.

    So the general idea HERE is: information which you feel the need to share, but probably won't really need it's own thread long term. As an example: They're making a new earthworm jim cartoon and video game. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0"...
  15. wonko the sane?

    Skyrim! Because all the really good stuff never actually leaves.

    Today, on top of being a very important day for other reasons, is also the drop date for skyrim anniversary edition. I didn't see a thread for it, or a general bethesda thread, so here we are. Some of what you need to know if you still play. And as an aside: ten years ago today, I walked into...
  16. wonko the sane?

    Game sequels and content.

    This is a pretty open and broad subject, but my specific example is going to be fallout. Not only because that's what got me thinking about this particular subject, but also because I'm a fan of the series AND the current games make for an interesting dynamic in terms of content. Eventually...
  17. wonko the sane?

    Back 4 blood! Cause zombies weren't enough: we needed mutating worms.

    The spiritual sequel to the gangbuster games "Left 4 dead" and made by the same team! Using similar mechanics: achieve missions while running from safe room to safe room, culminating in a final battle. Graphically: it's amazing. I mean, for this kind of shooter. Are there prettier games? Sure...
  18. wonko the sane?

    The games you can't play anymore.

    Now, I don't mean titles you can't play for technical reasons like the console died, or you suck at configuring emulators, or you lost the cartridges (unrelated note, am I the only one that misses cartridges?) or something. I mean the titles you cannot play because you can't stand them anymore...
  19. wonko the sane?

    Ranting about quebec: newspark edition!

    Alright, so here's a nice little story for you. Joyce echaquan, an Atikamekw woman, went to the hospital in sept. of 2020. She was in pain and needing help: but in the hospital she found racist taunts, completely apathy to her condition and care, and finally: she found her end. This week, the...
  20. wonko the sane?


    Because the viking minecraft styled after an MMO shall not be ignored! Hearth and Home update dropped on the 16th, and the changes made to the game were awesome. More food, more recipes, new building parts. All the things you could have wanted. Is anyone else playing?
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