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    Shinzo Abe Assassinated It is sad and it is and will be a major shock to Japan. I am over here with 2 little girls starting school and thinking I would kinda like to live in a country where someone who wants to...
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    Disappointing Yellowing Mystery

    I bought the pieces of Raiden all new in 2008-10 ish. Somewhere in there. I built him and put him in my display. I have moved since then, but he has always been in a separate building with no windows and air conditioning. I brought him home yesterday to show my wife the comparison between...
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    I am autistic

    I have been gradually coming out since my recent diagnosis and this place feels like the next logical place. There are a few people here who have "known" me for nearly 20 years. Kalimol has known me a little longer. That blows my mind. About a year and a half ago, we started reading up in...
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    AppleScript or JavaScript expert?

    Never mind, I got it done myself
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    What is a Super Soldier?

    I felt like it was clear in "Captain America: The First Avenger" that Steve didn't have super powers. He was just absolutely everything that a man can be. Wasn't it? We eventually saw him do some things that were really real, but they were in the normal range of things movie heroes do. Have...
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