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  1. Onyx Minor

    Marvel Toy Thread

    Kinda. It’s neat we are getting zombie Cap. I might like a few more figures from the What If…? episode.
  2. Onyx Minor

    Marvel Toy Thread

    The Haslab Sentinel is insanely huge. The box is huge-er. 🤣
  3. Onyx Minor

    Introduce Yourself

    Names you go by: Onyx Minor, Onyx, Jason Pronouns: He/Him Location: Texas What got you into Transformers: G1 toys/cartoon, but my wife got me back into collecting when she bought me some BW toys on a run to TRU in the late 90’s. Other Hobbies beisdes collecting: Photography, pool, and...
  4. Onyx Minor

    Allspark Pet Parent Thread!

    Yes they are! And cuddly. Don't forget cuddly.
  5. Onyx Minor

    Bettering Yourself

    I finally realized I have been suffering from anxiety and depression my entire life. I have some medication that helps now. HUGE difference in the quality of my interactions with other people. I have started eating better and getting back into walking. I'm down 20 lbs. 35 more to go.
  6. Onyx Minor

    Allspark Pet Parent Thread!

    Here are our chinchillas, Chip and Dale. Chip is the lighter colored one. I love these guys. Very fun pets. They can jump REALLY high. The downside is they poop a LOT, so you have to clean the cage daily. I think it’s worth it.
  7. Onyx Minor

    Allspark Pet Parent Thread!

    Here is one of our bearded dragons from shortly after we got him till now. I’ll have to find the pics of him “driving” a car and wearing his cowboy hat at some point.
  8. Onyx Minor

    Star Trek Lower Decks

    I love this show, but man am I behind. It's harder for me to watch because Paramount won't put out an app for the PS5, and my PS4 is in storage. Not being able to watch this from my home office makes it less likely for me to catch up.
  9. Onyx Minor

    Sound off: Last TF you bought

    I picked up Gnaw today. I can't wait to open him up after work!
  10. Onyx Minor

    HasLab Victory Saber

    Yeah, the flight stands are a sad addition. Not exactly something that get's people excited. I will tell you what is exciting though. I am going to Dallas FanExpo Sunday, and apparently they will have the gray models there on display.
  11. Onyx Minor

    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    I didn't realize the new show started yet. Guess I will have to check it out tonight. I won't get many (if any) of the toys, but the show looks neat from the promos.
  12. Onyx Minor

    WFC Kingdom Appreciation Thread

    I found a ton more Shadow Panther and Waspinator at lunch at a different Walmart. I'm liking the cards, but does anyone else have this need to get the sticker part back on EXACTLY the way it was before you peeled it? :D I had to fully peel the new Megatron to get a picture of the card...
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