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  1. SHIELD Agent 47

    Synduality - Bandai multimedia mecha project

    Bandai is coming out with a new console game + television anime + model kits mecha project, Synduality (シンデュアリティ). The game is scheduled to hit Windows, PS5, and X/S in 2023. Meanwhile, the anime series will star Aoi Koga (古賀 葵) as Noir, Nagisa Aoyama (青山なぎさ) as Ciel, and M.A.O. as Schnee. A...
  2. SHIELD Agent 47

    Tales of the Jedi - streaming on Disney+ 26 October 2022

    All episodes of this anthology series will premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday 26 October 2022 For better or for worse, this recycled trademark is unrelated to the 1993-1998 Dark Horse Comics series about the Great Hyperspace War and the Great Sith War. General Star Wars thread here...
  3. SHIELD Agent 47

    Secret Invasion - Nick Fury Disney+ series

    Scheduled to stream on Disney+ some time in early 2023 Marvel Cinematic Universe general thread here:
  4. SHIELD Agent 47

    The Mandalorian - season 3 returns February 2023

    We left off from season 2 in December 2020. Now here is the official public teaser for season 3, scheduled to begin streaming on Disney+ some time in February 2023. General Star Wars thread here...
  5. SHIELD Agent 47

    Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey

    As A.A. Milne's first Winnie the Pooh book entered the public domain earlier this year, independent filmmaker Rhys Frake-Waterfield has opted to ruin the childhood memories of millions by using Pooh and Piglet in a slasher...
  6. SHIELD Agent 47

    Gridman Universe

    Following on from SSSS.Gridman in 2018 and SSSS.Dynazenon in 2021, a Gridman Universe film will arrive in 2023. Time will tell if we get any new Shattered Glass homages.
  7. SHIELD Agent 47

    Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom - in cinemas 25 December 2023

    Well, Warner Bros.'s 'business strategy' has resulted in another delay to the second Aquaman film, now scheduled for Christmas Monday 2023.
  8. SHIELD Agent 47

    Eragon series in development for Disney+ Wow! I am psyched for the first live-action adaptation of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance novels! And on a related note, it is funny and apropos that my iOS keyboard tried to autocorrect ‘Eragon’ to ‘Dragon’.
  9. SHIELD Agent 47

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - in cinemas 11 November 2022

    Rest in power, Chadwick Boseman. Here from SDCC 2022 we have the teaser trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, scheduled for release Friday 11 November 2022.
  10. SHIELD Agent 47

    John Wick: Chapter 4 - in cinemas 24 March 2023

    Teaser trailer was released with SDCC 2022 today. John Wick: Chapter 4 is scheduled for release Friday 24 March 2023.
  11. SHIELD Agent 47

    I Am Groot

    Five original shorts, set in Earth-314, will begin streaming on Disney+ Wednesday 10 August 2022.
  12. SHIELD Agent 47

    Shazam! Fury of the Gods - in cinemas 21 December 2022

    Courtesy of SDCC 2022, the trailer is here!
  13. SHIELD Agent 47

    Wreck 'N Rule Collection - Transformers: Legacy subline at Amazon

    I thought I would spin out the Amazon Wreckers discussion to its own page from the Legacy main thread in hopes of a follow-up wave in the future. I just received my Diaclone-coloured Twin Twist (whom I call Borebit), and I hope a Topspin counterpart follows in due time! Amazon USA links...
  14. SHIELD Agent 47

    Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection - Transformers: Legacy subline at Walmart

    Not sure if this will get popular support, but I thought I would spin out the Walmart Velocitron subline discussion from the Legacy main thread to its own page as there are multiple waves inbound. Walmart USA links:
  15. SHIELD Agent 47

    Indiana Jones 5 - scheduled for 30 June 2023

    The long-dragged-on fifth film installment in the Indiana Jones franchise wrapped up principal photography earlier this year. It was previously set for 19 July 2019 and is currently scheduled for theatrical release 30 June 2023. More recently, legendary composer John Williams has indicated he...
  16. SHIELD Agent 47

    Ezra Miller is somehow The Flash in the DCEU

    Well, no trailers are yet out for Shazam: Fury of the Gods, Batgirl, and Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, which are earlier on the DC Extended Universe schedule, but given how often the very questionably mentally stable individual Ezra Miller is making the news these days, I suppose that calls for a...
  17. SHIELD Agent 47

    The Dragon Prince

    We left off with season 3 back on 22 November 2019 before the world went into chaos. Season 4 will stream on Netflix sometime later in 2022.
  18. SHIELD Agent 47

    Hasbro to attend SDCC 2022

    Mentioned by Emily today at 29:40 of this G.I. Joe livestream on YouTube. SDCC this year will happen Thursday 21 July to Sunday 24 July. Whoa, it feels so long since the last time Hasbro had a physical presence. Not since 2019, I think?
  19. SHIELD Agent 47

    The Sandman - streaming on Netflix 5 August 2022

    Full trailer is here for The Sandman, Netflix's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 1989-1996 comic series. The first episode arrives Friday 5 August 2022. Previous first look teaser:
  20. SHIELD Agent 47

    Gotham Knights - CW TV series

    The trailer is now here for the upcoming Gotham Knights series, premiering on The CW in early 2023.
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