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    Customs Supernatural

    Today, mail call brought me Sam & Dean in 1/64 scale, unpainted. I just finished painting them and gave them each a stand. Here they are along side Baby, their '67 Impala SS. Looks like they have some hunting to do. One pic is with flash off, and the other is flash on.
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    Customs Honest Al's Used Cars

    Today I decided to try my hand at making my first building from scratch for a diorama. "Honest Al's Used Cars Chevrolet". I used a cardboard box for the base, which I carved up considerably. I lined the inside and out with white gorilla tape both to hold it together and cosmetic purposes. I also...
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    Customs Marty & Doc

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    2D/3D art I Hate Manure!

    I hate manure! :) Ok, so someone suggested that I do this scene after I got the Hill Valley Court house. I had to make a manure truck for it, of course. Instead of using a 1951 Chevy Advance-Design truck (which I couldn't find anywhere), I used a 1950 Studebaker truck. Painted it blue and made...
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    Customs Lyon Estates

    So, today I decided to change my Coke billboard into an ad for the up and coming "Lyon Estates" homes. The hardest part was making the pennants. Very time consuming. They're made from fishing line and stickers which I cut to size, all painted by hand by moi. As you can see, the Delorean is...
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    Customs Hill Valley Courthouse

    The latest addition to my diorama.
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    Customs My "do-wop" diorama

    So, I found this diner at Goodwill and fell in love with it. Decided to put it on a shelf and built a diorama around it. It also gave me the chance to display some of my classic cars. I used O scale people. Not perfectly to scale with the cars, but pretty close. The house on the right is very...
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    So, I'm thinking of getting a Menasor. What's a good one that is cartoon accurate, CHUG scale (at least a foot tall), and won't break the bank? I know that the Legacy line will be releasing Dragstrip this year, but haven't heard anything about the other 4. IDK if I want to wait that long.
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    Customs Customizing Armada Unicron

    Seeing images of Haslab Unicron everywhere has made me pull my Armada Unicron out of mothballs and do what I could to make it more cartoon accurate, more like Haslab. Of course, Armada will NEVER compare to Haslab. But, with Haslab currently going for around $2,500. I'm not likely to be able to...
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    3d Printed Head Upgrade for G1 Blaster?

    Does anyone do custom 3d printed Blaster heads as an upgrade for G1 Blaster? You know, to make G1 Blaster look more cartoon accurate, without replacing the whole bot and his entire army of cassettes? I like the look of the Mech Fans Toys Blaster/Emitter head, but it would need to be the right...
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    What do you think of the new Gremlins figures by NECA? They come in different themes, and different figures. I picked up the movie themed one. He's kool, except he's top heavy. I literally had to anchor him to the wall to keep him from leaping off the shelf on a daily basis. My Gizmo is an...
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