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  1. Kalidor

    Allsparker Telly has passed away

    I just got word of this and have been able to verify as best I can, But Jason Wiggans, aka Telly, has passed away. We weren't close friends but he was on staff a long time ago and through all the ups and downs of The Allspark Telly has been a shining presence here and was last active as late...
  2. Kalidor

    Transformers 2022 goals

    I posted this on Twitter but I wanted to talk about it here too - what are your Transformers goals for 2022? Personally, I plan on being more selective about what I buy and hope to eventually getting around to selling a good portion of what I already have.
  3. Kalidor

    Betty White dies at age 99

    Let's hope this isn't a preview of what 2022 has to offer.
  4. Kalidor

    Who here uses a VPN?

    And if so, what do you recommend, as well as what do you suggest I avoid? Thanks!
  5. Kalidor

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a good holiday (whatever you may be celebrating). In a lot of ways 2021 was worse than 2020 for a lot of people but just know that you aren't alone here. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as we close out 2021 and look forward to 2022.
  6. Kalidor

    Constitutional/Police Auditors

    Sometimes I fall down a rabbit hole on YouTube and this time its about those guys who go out and exercise their constitutionally protected rights and the end result often leads to exposing how corrupt and ignorant of the law police are. I've been watching these channels on my breaks and I feel...
  7. Kalidor

    The UFO thread

    This isn't mine and I didn't witness, but the #UFO tag cropped up on Twitter and this has dozens of tweets and people's own recordings with sightings all across the USA from about 3 hours ago. What do you guys make of it? If it was just a single unsourced video I'd just say it was a hoaxer...
  8. Kalidor

    The 4400 (Reboot)

    20 or so years ago The 4400 was a show that I really enjoyed. The plots were kind of contrived and some of the acting was bad but it was a pretty good show. Recently they just rebooted it so of course I was going to check it out. The first few episodes were kind of rocky. The basic premise...
  9. Kalidor

    BotCon 2022 Nashville, TN August 25-28

    I didn't see a thread about this since the forums reboot so I thought I'd start one. They just announced they'll be taking reservations for vendors and exhibitors.
  10. Kalidor

    Test Forum

    This is a test forum to tinker with the BB code in posting. Just a reminder that raw HTML does not and will not work in posts. This is a function of the software and is not an option due to security issues. Posts in this forum may be cleaned out and deleted from time to time.
  11. Kalidor

    New pictures of “Reformatting” Galvatron and accessories!
  12. Kalidor

    General Welcome to the Iacon Art Institute

    You can post all your creations here. Be sure to take note of the top left when creating a new topic and select the appropriate prefix to categorize your art. If you're just posting general discussion or asking a question you can use that prefix instead. Also note you can choose "Discussion" or...
  13. Kalidor

    Problems posting

    Hi, I'm aware that some of you are having problems making and replying to posts. This is something I'm looking into. Try clearing all your browser cache and doing a hard reset. If that doesn't work please be patient as I work on this.
  14. Kalidor

    The Terminator Franchise

    I don't know that there's much more than can be done with the Terminator franchise at this point. The movies have clearly run their course. I've never gotten into the comics media so I don't know anything about those, as I tend to stick to live action stories. As of now I've watched all 6...
  15. Kalidor

    Known Bugs and Issues

    This is a thread for me to log things I know are being a problem. * Highlight Text - This doesn't appear to be working in the editor because the highlight is (presumably) the same color as the background - Fixed
  16. Kalidor

    Star Trek Lower Decks

    So generally speaking I find the show fairly subpar, but it has gotten better with the second season. The latest episode I actually found genuinely good for once due to the fewer "references we copied and pasted from the wiki" incidents and they've finally got dialog that doesn't revolve around...
  17. Kalidor

    Change Log

    This is just a place I'll note some minor changes I make as we go. * Added the multi-quote feature * Changed the forum index "unread" icon from green to white. The green looked good in early tests but was a bit overwhelming in the full index. * Updated the character limited from 10K to 12K...
  18. Kalidor

    Here we go again....

    Hello everyone! As you can see this is the second time we've had to come back from nothing. Due to being targeted and hacked once again our data has been lost. I've taken this time to increase the security so that something like this cannot happen again and have verified the off site backups...
  19. Kalidor

    Wyoming Toy Sightings

    Post your toy sightings here. Try include the specific toy and the store/location where you spotted it. Pictures are also encouraged!
  20. Kalidor

    Wisconsin Toy Sightings

    Post your toy sightings here. Try include the specific toy and the store/location where you spotted it. Pictures are also encouraged!
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