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  1. Powered Convoy

    She-Hulk Disney+ Series

    Tatiana is a fantastic actress, so high hopes.
  2. Powered Convoy

    Hasbro Pulse phishing email

    Got this email today, not sure if others have but figured I'd warn people. I didn't request an address change (changed all my passwords as a result). Everything about this looks legit except the trademark year and the bottom says "[email protected]" instead of "[email protected]".
  3. Powered Convoy

    Ultimetal Studio Ox Rodimus Prime / Hot Rod and Galvatron

    I think these are fantastic, particularly Rodimus (Hot Rod not as much).
  4. Powered Convoy

    Flame Toys

    Look at Kuro Kara Kuri Starscream.
  5. Powered Convoy

    Transformers Hall of Fame 2021 I can't get Skywarp to win this one.
  6. Powered Convoy

    Flame Toys

    New pics of The Fallen.
  7. Powered Convoy

    Masterpiece Thread

    Love the Legends face.
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