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  1. Cybersnark

    The Weird Al Thread

    Because why shouldn't we have one? Prompting this is a recent announcement that the Roku Channel will be making a biopic of the man, starring. . . Daniel Radcliffe?!
  2. Cybersnark

    Best of Allspark 2021

    It's that time of year again, where we look back to see if anything's gaining on us. Thanks to the forum crash, this year'll be a little sparse, but my habit of saving these in a text file finally paid off: First, some ghosts from the AllSpark That Was: From the Japanese Image thread...
  3. Cybersnark

    The Robot Thread

    I remember we used to have one of these.
  4. Cybersnark

    It's the Muppet Thread

    Posted a few days ago:
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