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  1. Telly

    DC Toy Thread

    i dont normally get dc toys, but i couldnt pass this one up. presenting from mcfarlane toys, the main man himself, LOBO!! im very happy with this guy! been trying to get a lobo for years, but always missed out untill they were too expensive on the after market. but i finally nabbed one at...
  2. Telly

    Reformatted Mentis-A.K.A. RUNG!!!!

    finally! been following what scant news there was of this guy for a year now. now he is finally here! well, will be next year anyway. this will probly be my last 3p figure as well. unless someone makes a devcon (and not that iron factory one...)...
  3. Telly

    Guardians of the Glaxay Vol. 3-Adam Warlock has been cast!

    straight from gunn himself (further down the page anyway)
  4. Telly

    2019 Swamp Thing Show

    did anyone watch this? never been a big fan of the character, but walmart has the series on dvd for $10 so i thought i might give it a go. is it any good?
  5. Telly

    Strike First! Strike Hard! Cobra Kai Never Dies! Season 5...Sometime...

    so we already knew season 4 was coming soon. but while the site was down, they announced season 5! no date yet though, but im sure we can expect to be tortured between 4 and 5!
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