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    Got 100% items on my first playthrough in 11:30. Absolutely LOVE the game. Not too hard, hardest was actually finding all the items and figuring out all the Speed Boost puzzles without help. That, and the last boss took me quite a few tries, the only thing I found real hard. But fair...
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    WFC Kingdom Appreciation Thread

    Coincidentally, mine came in from today. Also, found Waspinator and Shadow Panther at Target yesterday. As well as finding this gem in their incredibly messy and unkempt toy department (I am told they don't have enough people, and those they have are made to get the online orders...
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    Cyberverse Appreciation Thread

    I actually just for the Deluxe class Cheetor for that same price, so I am quite happy considering I do not like the Cyberverse lines quite as much as Generations (although I did not know until checkout, so was gonna get it at $20 anyways). I REALLY do not like the open packaging, as it is just...
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    From what I gathered from Greg Ayers talking about it at several panels over the years, they could not get anyone to even license it overseas, which is why they gave almost free reign in the dub. Apparently the only things that were not allowed to be changed were the names of characters...
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    HasLab Victory Saber

    I was either going there or Connecticon next weekend, but my friend could not get either day off. I picked Fan Expo because I had never been to that convention center yet. Well, actually it was because three of the Hololive EN girls were having panels, but Victory Saber being there was icing...
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    HasLab Victory Saber

    Hit post too early, more.... I'll be back there today, so if there are any certain pics that anyone wants me to take, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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    HasLab Victory Saber

    So I was at Fan Expo Boston yesterday and was able to get a few good pics of the proto...
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