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    The games you can't play anymore.

    Oh geez, I just realized a game for me is Tetris. Like there was a time where I enjoyed Tetris. Then one day I realized. All I'm doing is shuffling shapes. I'm just shuffling around shapes, over, and over, and over, and over... That's it. Once I realized that, I couldn't do it anymore. It's...
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    New Anime Stream Thread (Also Saturday Morning Cartoons, and bad movie nights)

    Halloween Stream Tomorrow! It'll begin around noon to 1pm EST. There will be NO Saturday Morning Cartoons due to the Halloween Stream. We gotta go grocery shopping at some point in the day. >_<
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    I consider myself lucky as all hell to have the amiibo and the Special Edition. Like I said I figured it was a gamble buying it off of Gamestop's website, but it ended up paying off. Hell I didn't even buy them together. I saw the Special Edition of Dread for sale and immediately snagged a copy...
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    Funny enough I was thinking about that. XD I'd probably grab it if found for cheap.
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    Okay, since I seem to be the collector rival to Caldwin. Here's my collection now that my Dread stuff has come in the mail: So Caldwin beats me right out with having the boxes for Metroid 1 and Super. He also has way more guides than I have. I'm sure some are wondering why my Super Cart is...
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    Nightmare Night (MLP. Scary, but fun!)
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    New Anime Stream Thread (Also Saturday Morning Cartoons, and bad movie nights)

    This is the Spider movie that'll be shown during the Halloween stream.
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    HOLY CRAP! I was not expecting it to be this big!
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    SS Zelda? The one with her and the bird? There are a ton of those around where I live.
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    Wait did he mean why are the amiibos so hard to find, or the energy tanks? I thought he meant the amiibos...
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    Nightmare Night (MLP. Scary, but fun!)
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    Outdated game mechanics.

    Part of me is surprised it's not mentioned, but I suppose it's because it's so outdated to the point that it HAS been removed from pretty much any recent game. Tank Controls. Other then that though, I can't think of anything. Most game mechanics I want gone aren't really outdated, but more I...
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    Pony Pictures Post Perseveres
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    Pony Pictures Post Perseveres

    Why does Hitch look so evil in that pic?
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