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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    A Generations take on Depth Charge would be cool to see; it would be nice to have an action-figurey toy that doesn't have a foot of tail/gimmick sticking out his back.
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    Legacy Line Wish List

    I still want Earthrise Cliffjumper remolded as Speed-Bot. Actually, doing a black version as Mototron would be even better.
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    Studio Series 86 Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, that Ratchet is an insta-buy, considering Marvel and IDW Ratchets are my favorite TF characters, I just wish they'd give us a red-helmet version at some point. (I justified snagging SS Bumblebee Ratchet the other day for the same reason--fantastic toy!)
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    2019 Ongoing IDW Comics Thread

    I think a lot of IDW1's success came about precisely because it ran for so long. Yes, Roberts and Barber are absolute legends, but their work (and Barber's in particular) was so rich often because it had so much backstory to draw upon (regardless of said backstory's quality!) Heck, even in...
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    2019 Ongoing IDW Comics Thread

    IDW2 really suffered in comparison to IDW1, which is pretty much the crown jewel of TF fiction at this point (and I don't see how it can be topped, given the current state of tie-in comics and TV.)
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    2019 Ongoing IDW Comics Thread

    Haven't read the finale yet (Amazon never told me it was ready!) but I would be surprised if nothing from Ruckley's run got picked up by later writers. Heck, Rubble already showed up in an MLP crossover, I think. "Going immersant" probably has the best chance of gaining traction in the...
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    Beast Wars Comic Thread

    I've had this on my Fire unread for almost a week now, and keep forgetting it even exists. It's a shame the series wasn't allowed to run a few more years, I feel like it was just getting to that point where a so-so comic starts to get a feel for what it wants to actually be. It could have been...
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    Transformers Collaborative thread (May 2022: Maverick reissue preorder)

    Yeah yeah it's just another yellow Devastator--I know--but DANG do those decos look SHARP.
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    LEGO Optimus Prime

    Finally got to open mine last night (it arrived last week and has been taunting me the whole time.) Spent about 2 hours or so on it, got to the halfway-point, bagwise: torso and legs. Satisfyingly big and hefty so far!
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    Transformers Collaborative thread (May 2022: Maverick reissue preorder)

    I think this BB makes for a more successful figure than Megatron simply by virtue of not looking like a preexisting figure with a Joe vehicle chopped up and glued onto it. On the other hand, the head is the only thing remotely "Bumblebee" about this...
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    Transformers: Last Bot Standing - IDW Publishing comic miniseries

    Bah, apparently I only preordered the first issue without subscribing to the series; didn't even realize #2 was out!
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    LEGO Optimus Prime

    My wife said I could order it as my wedding anniversary gift, so that's what I did! Half-tempted to get her Van Gogh's Starry Night in return...
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    Buzzworthy Bumblebee - the "everything goes" toyline

    As with Leadfoot, it's amazing to me how a new head and color scheme make it look like such a wildly-different toy from the original.
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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    All the good names are taken.
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    The CHUG Problem

    But that is money. More transformation steps = more parts = more money.
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