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    Last Post!

    Last Post, first post, Red post, Blue post.
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    Obviously you've never heard of Spaceballs
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    Mayhems tangled mess of controler cords

    I just got a game called "Gas Station Simulator" and it's exactly what it sounds like.
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    The Ever Popular, "What Are You Playing" Thread!

    I just got done playing what I could of the story mode of Hardship: Shipbreakers. I stopped though because a full progress reset is coming as they get ready to update the story (and rework some engine stuff)
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    The Cuphead Show

    Considering how long this show has been in coming, it looks great. I hope it's going to be an ongoing thing.
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    IDW to Lose the Transformers License?

    Well, I mean, IDW managed to give us something interesting after dreamwave went under, so it is possible
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    "I work at Dick's and play with Balls"
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    uwu-lleo UWU-LLEO
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    Last Post!

    Suddenly a Monty Python animation segment.
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    Random Thoughts From Out of Nowhere

    Trukk? Munke? By your powers combined.... Trunke!
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    Last Post!

    Into a person made entirely out of grapeskin.
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    Last Post!

    That is why skin tastes like grape, kids.
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    Ghostbusters General

    Whoa, talk about a blast from the past
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    I see a little silo-uwu-etto of a man...
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