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    WFC Kingdom Appreciation Thread

    Man the online retailers are really behind the curve on wave 4. I just found both Shadow Panther and Waspinator at Target and I usually don't find anything for a good month after preorders ship.
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    Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    With Terrorsaur being one of the larger Predacons I wonder if the Kingdom Terrorsaur will be to Airrazor as Tigatron is to Cheetor.
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    The Leaked Listings Thread

    Yeah, there are quite a few ways a new Dragon Megatron could be better than the original.
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    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    Loved the call out to the microphone gimmick in the Snake Mountain playset.
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    Studio Series 86 Appreciation Thread

    Yet he's starting to show up at retail.
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe - General Thread

    Bro, I know, bro!
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    WFC Kingdom Appreciation Thread

    You know distribution is hugged when your first sighting of Kingdom Galvatron is at a Meijer.
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