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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    That works for me too. Rail Racer is one of the few toys I have left from RiD and want a good upgrade for him/them.
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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    I would love a new Rail Racer with voyager components or Titan Class, too bad it'll probably never happen...
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    Bug bombs and your collection.

    It's been about 10 years or so since I last had to use bug bombs, but I haven't noticed any issues with any of my various pieces of plastic crack. But to be fair, I haven't much messed with any for a while now.
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    Timey Wimey Business- a thread for Doctor Who

    If anyone's interested, Humble Bundle has a comic bundle up:
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    2019 Ongoing IDW Comics Thread

    And I believe the same is also true of Death's Head, if I'm not mistaken? He appeared in a one or two page story before he showed up in "Old West" style story the name of which escapes me...
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    When catching up on threads...

    Glad I could help!
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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    It's not fragile feeling, it's probably more of a subconscious thing from reading posts about the fragility of translucent plastic at joints. He felt pretty solid while actually transforming him (I'll probably try to get SG Blaster and Rewind too, despite Rewind also being translucent plastic).
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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Picked up Legacy Blaster last night, fun bot, feels fairly solid. Eject, however, made me nervous transforming him to robot mode, to the point I changed him back almost immediately, and parked him back in Blaster's chest, where he will stay for all eternity or until (if) Hasbro re-releases him...
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    When catching up on threads...

    When that happens to me, I just click the "Jump To New" button to the top right of the first post
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    Ninja Turtles - Cowabunga!

    It had been so long between the last issue and the one before it I stopped reading then, opting to wait for the series to finish. I'll read the whole thing in one go after the final one allegedly comes out...
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    Star Trek: Picard

    The Sutherland class looks so similar to the Nebula class I can't tell what the differences are. Is it just the nacelles being further away from main engineering?
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    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    I work security at a food processing plant with two other people and had to call in sick for last Sunday. The guard that covered my shift told our boss the next day that he'd been around his granddaughters that weekend and that they had tested positive, so now he's in quarantine for two weeks...
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    A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away.... - Star Wars Thread

    Hot diggity damn! This is going to be the best birthday present I've gotten in a long time! 😁
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