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    There are tech specs or something similar for DK3 Breaker?

    Did the same,but it actually bugs me there is nothing on this guys. I keep files on my computer on every character and I feel they are incomplete. I love sg since there were published on collector's club, even customized a couple of duplicates for SG.
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    There are tech specs or something similar for DK3 Breaker?

    I forgot the Fossilizers...I adquired a couple recently and still don't now howto fit themin my headcannon.I remember the idw commic you menction, and yes, my bet too is that is a coincidence.
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    There are tech specs or something similar for DK3 Breaker?

    Hi I know some of the figures on Diaclone color have tech specs from Collectors Club or Materpiece figures, but I cannot find anything on this guy. By the Way, Hasbro been lazy last years on that, providing less info on the character. I am one who needs to know who am I buying.
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    Serious theological question for mature Christians

    Hi Sorry if I jump in the middle of your great argument. My country is mostly Catholic. There is been a change in our views, mostly due to the actual Pope open mind. I think we all are sinners, every single one. To me is more important who you are than your sexuallity. I am hetero, but I do...
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    Hey New Member Here

    Welcome to the Darksyde
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    List of Transformers Products Bought During 2022

    I've read about this post a couple of weeks ago, then I realized I haven't purchased any Tf this year!!! I've been too much into Motu. So, thanks to this post I purchased Greasepit and Hauler.
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    Kiss Players Fansub Project Now Available

    Man I've been wanting to thank you for some time. Thanks to you I was able to watch BW neo and II. I been curious about kiss players for years, when I purchased Rossana and the other tapes I learned about this audios. Really, thanks a lot for your effort
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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    I never get rid of them. To be honest, when I got the actual Topspin and the actual Optimus as a kid a thought of trade, but never happened. Maybe because I was and still am attached to them, they were gift from my parents. And about the Grimmy, as soon as a saw the figure I fell in love, and...
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    Everything is sold

    I updated the post with prices for everything. Still all is negotiable!!!
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    Could anyone guide me on how to load pictures?

    Thanks. A while ago I posted pictures mostly of my G1, and saw some imaginative and impressive pictures there!!!
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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    Some pictures from my collection. Sorry about their location, but I am trying to get a cool place to put them. The pictures are mostly of my g1, g1 related and some Diaclone and Takara I owned as a child, as well as some k.o.'s from the 80's I owned. I would like to take cool pictures as most of...
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    Generation 1 Skyfall

    I used to hate Action Masters. 20 years ago I said I will never buy any of them...Now it is the only missing line on my G1 collection... So after all this years, now I appreciate them a lot. They are totally part of the brand
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    Expo Prime 2014 in San Jose, Costa Rica

    Thanks. Watching the pictures made me realize that in this moment I would never participate again in an event lie that. It was fulfilling, but very, very tiresome. Good old days
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    Everything is sold

    In case you are wondering why do I need extra is my Masters of the Universe collection over my youngers son closet...
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    Everything is sold

    For the Nexus Prime team I do not have instructions or tech specs. For Scourge and the Sweeps I have all
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