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    Young Justice Phantom, season 4 in Dec

    I was feeling that since season 3. Theres too many handsome redhead dudes in this. I'm having difficulty keeping track of all of them. This dude that was a teacher or something and hes married now? Ok. I have no idea who these people are. Seems kind odd to me in a show thats so up its own ass...
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    Peter Chung posted his Transformers: The Movie storyboards to Instagram

    Whoah! He worked on so much of our childhoods! They used his boards for that great initial Optimus /Megatron clash but the animator went "naw bro...I can make this BETTER"
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    Transformer toy repurposing thread

    Not so much a repurposed figure, but since Titans Return Windblade ousted the original figure from my shelf and stole her iconic sword, TR Windy's swords had to go somewhere so....
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    HasLab Victory Saber

    I'm planning on displaying Star Saber and Victory Leo separately. I too am not supe fond of the combined look. But individually they rule.
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    Disney animation and related media

    Eh, was gonna buy the core cast regardless. Im just glad that Thailog doesnt come with any crucial parts.
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    Disney animation and related media

    NECA has shown off the newest figure in their Gargoyles line and its Bronx! In addition to an alt head and steak accessory, he comes with a paor of Folded Wings for the Goliath that just came out!
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    Dreamworks Dragons: The Nine Realms TV series coming to Peacock and Hulu

    Sounds interesting. I enjoyed the first season of the show for what it was. Got really turned off by it not being allowed to be anything more than episodic tho (episode ends with a big character growth moment for the female twin, only to immediately backpedal the next ep)
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    Yeah....that's the stuff!
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    Power Rangers General Discussion Thread

    Dragonzord doesn't come with a pipe biting accessory. -50 out of 10. Super7 now owes me money!
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    Power Rangers General Discussion Thread

    Super7 revealed their 2nd wave of Ulitmates. MMPR Red and Pink (with Rocky and Jason and Kim and Kat heads) King Sphinx, Dragonzord and Rita Repulsa (with alt possessed Kimberly head)...
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    The Random Image Thread

    The mighty Dominos has fallen! I, Papa Johns am now the pizza delivery LEADER!
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    HasLab Victory Saber

    I'd be totally down for a Deathsaurus. I have a feeling Hasbro would have to stoop to Haslab to get that Needlenose made they keep trying suss out interest for.
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    The Repaint Concept Thread

    The live action movies are leaving that whole concept on the table. Could give Bumblebee a rival character and also ties into the newly implemented BW stuff to upgrade from Wasp to Waspinator. I dont even mind if they vhange the character completely. BB would benefit from having a dedicated...
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    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    That ManEFaces cosplay is wicked!
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    Ninja Turtles - Cowabunga!

    Middle Aged Ninja Turtles sketches from Saturday Night Live.
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