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    P&R Funnies!

    Good attention to detail: Refers to the Democratic Party's "platform" and the Republican "playbook," because the Republicans don't currently have a platform.
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    Sony's Spider-Man Universe

    Yeah, I mean, why does ANY musician get cast in a movie? Because musicians tend to be charismatic performers, and they're a "name" studios can build a movie around. Sometimes they end up being decent actors, sometimes they don't, but they bring in an audience. No reason to read anything more...
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    Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    Check out the Instagram link Powered Convoy posted above, it's got the naked Cyclonus photos you wanted.
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    Shattered Glass Thread

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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    Because he wanted to help me shed some collection weight before I moved to a new city, obviously.
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    Star Trek: Picard

    Yeah, it seems like we could also see that... Either way, around this time last season I remember saying this just wasn't a good show, and then it managed to get worse. This season has felt like a significant improvement.
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    Destiny 2 Electric Arc Staff Boogloo

    The Warlock Monster design from the first vote was way better. I don't really like the ogre armor and don't play as a Hunter, so it's an easy Mech vote for me. Pretty sure Mech will win either way, judging by the subreddit response. I do expect to see some good Starscream cosplay from...
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    Star Trek: Picard

    Anyone else notice the license plate Easter egg?
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    Moving Sale! FREE SHIPPING!

    No, got snapped up last night! Just in time too, I have to close up shop for my move today. At least I sold most of it, and someone at Goodwill will hopefully enjoy a very nice bust of Prowl...
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    Moving Sale! FREE SHIPPING!

    Last call, closing the thread tonight!
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    Moving Sale! FREE SHIPPING!

    NEWER EVEN LOWER PRICES! Final 24 hours! My moving day is here, so these are your last few hours to jump on some even better deals! Need to settle all sales by Tuesday evening! PM me! SOLD: Micromaster Hot Rod Patrol Trip-Up & Autobot Daddy-O (aka Big Daddy) Was $10, now $8
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    Moving Sale! FREE SHIPPING!

    NEW LOWER PRICES! SOLD: Combiner Wars Prowl with Reprolabels applied and silver-painted rims $15 Titans Return/Legends Japanese LG46 Kup (ROBOT + HEAD ONLY - TARGETMASTER NOT INCLUDED) $20
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    Oddest or most random "Holy Grails"

    I only own three Armada toys, and five Beast Wars toys, and that's counting Armada Predacon as one of each. It's such a fun toy, in a wonderfully atypical color scheme for a Transformer.
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    Oddest or most random "Holy Grails"

    I don't know that it's that odd, but my biggest collecting regret is not picking up the Movie Preview Ultra Magnus (Powered Convoy) reissue when it came out. They don't even show up on eBay anymore, and when they do they're like $600.
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