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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    I completely forgot there was an Ultra Magnus repaint of Armada Optimus Prime. I wondered why I didn't own one myself, and then confirmed on that it was a Meijer/Kohl's exclusive packaged with a repaint of Armada Sideswipe, so there's the reasons.
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    The Leaked Listings Thread

    $190 for a new remake of a toy that was unpopular and heavily clearanced in its original release 15 years ago. Is it targeted at people who were 7 when the original came out? Do they have enough nostalgia for this thing to be viable? Also the "Legacy" logo is weird. Looks more like something...
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    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts - in cinemas 24 June 2022

    Oooo, a transforming VW Bus toy is definitely something I'm interested in.
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    31 Days of Halloween (2021)

    Ah, the USS Indianapolis scene starts with the hat and shirt... I can picture that now. I've seen JAWS probably a couple dozen times myself, most recently last summer. It's a perfect movie.
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    31 Days of Halloween (2021)

    That's a fun cartoon Quint, but it bothers me a bit that his costume and accessories don't really match any particular scene. I know when he's chomped he's wearing a bandanna, gloves, and a jacket. Did he ever hold a harpoon (not the harpoon gun, or Hooper's injection pole)? Did he ever wear the...
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    ChessPieceFace Sells Transformers! FREE STUFF with $20 purchase!

    Unless stated otherwise, all are complete with all accessories and in excellent condition, bought new and used for display only, in a non-smoking household. See photos below! Prices do not include shipping - buy before October 3 when the postal rates increase! Order over $20 and I'll throw in a...
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    Collecting Tobots - An alternative to Transformers

    I can't seem to find any good source for the Metron trainbot. Amazon listings for the large and mini version are both sold out, and exactly one eBay seller has the Mini version, for like $35 shipped from Russia (it was $15 on Amazon once, apparently). Wish I'd known about these sooner! Maybe...
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    The Next Gen Console Hunt

    It's amazing that it's still so hard to get these new consoles. I wonder if they'd have been saturated by now if the pandemic hadn't disrupted every step in the supply chain... I got my XSX on launch day, via a pre-order from the Microsoft site as soon as they opened it for ordering a year ago...
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    The Leaked Listings Thread

    I was hoping to see a toy-colors Selects Slag, personally. Or even a G2 version.
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    The Leaked Listings Thread

    Presumably, and hopefully, it's Cyclonus in toy colors. I've heard people like the toy, but the cartoon colors seem drab and wrong to me. I'd pick up a Selects version in dark blue.
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    The California Recall Election

    Yup, that was indeed just a big ol' waste of time and money. Meet the new Governor, same as the old Governor. NO on recall got over 2/3 of the vote. Now can we please reform the recall rules?
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    Collecting Tobots - An alternative to Transformers

    Oh, I definitely like the commuter train one! Where's a good place to get these?
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    Titans Return Appreciation Thread

    I really liked Titans Return! I always love Transformers with drivers and usable cockpits, and that was the whole line, so that was great. And Overlord! It's just a shame that we only ever got pre-existing G1 characters, when it would've been the easiest line ever to throw in a million fun...
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    Live Action reboot appreciation thread

    The "Bumblebee" Movie Appreciation Thread
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    Draculus revealed.

    It's a real shame it won't arrive before Halloween. I have to assume they intended it to, but it was delayed by pandemic materials/shipping/etc. issues. Is it still a Headmaster? The head looks pretty rounded and permanent in the photos...
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