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    Oddest or most random "Holy Grails"

    HftD Lugnut, Highbrow, Mindwipe A complete BW Cybershark
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    Studio Series 2022 First Look

    I wish we were getting the Fallen, Que and Devcon instead. Or even figs based off of the toy-only characters like Wreckage or Breakaway. These would be more interesting IMO than Siege 2.0
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    "Vintage Beast Wars" reissue line

    We are getting only 3 Bw characters in Legacy, 1 in the Golden Disk sublime, and have only gotten 6 vintage figs so far. Meanwhile G1 has SS 86, most of Legacy, and the G1 derivative BB figs in mainline SS. Plus masterpiece. I will not ‘stop it’.
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    LGBTQ+ Transformers fan thread

    Hello bi brother/sister.
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    "Vintage Beast Wars" reissue line

    These are dark times....
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    WFC Kingdom Appreciation Thread

    I found him a couple weeks ago at target
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    I have acquired a fleet of obsolete iPads. What do?

    This makes me wonder what the heck happens to all those old iPhones after the iPhone 274 or whatever the new one is called comes out.
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    LGBTQ+ Transformers fan thread

    Hello everyone, I’m bi.
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    List of Transformers Products Bought During 2022

    So far: -TF07 Payload -ROTF Soundwave -DoTM Darksteel -Combiner Wars Viper -Kingdom Tigatron Aside from Tarantulas, Terrorsaur and Inferno, nothing new really interests me. *shrugs* More money for LEGO sets and JP dinos.
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    "Vintage Beast Wars" reissue line

    I’d be perfectly fine if Hasbro wanted to put G1 in the attic for a decade. Frankly I’m sick of it.
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    IDW to Lose the Transformers License?

    I can’t say I will miss IDW Transformers. I wasn’t a fan of the direction post-DoOP.
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    The Random Transformers Image Thread

    “All Hail Co- I mean Meg- I mean...”
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