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    Customs Honest Al's Used Cars

    New Arrival: Hot Wheels 1965 Chevy Corvette Stingray, made in 2019. Mail call delivered it today. I love it. Just wish it had chrome rims.
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    Customs Supernatural

    The monster has revealed itself: Werewolf!
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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    Finally found a Buzzworthy Kup on the shelf today at Target. Not a big difference from SS86, but I got him anyway.
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    Customs Supernatural

    Today, mail call brought me Sam & Dean in 1/64 scale, unpainted. I just finished painting them and gave them each a stand. Here they are along side Baby, their '67 Impala SS. Looks like they have some hunting to do. One pic is with flash off, and the other is flash on.
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    Customs Honest Al's Used Cars

    Today I finally added the background. I also added a checkered border on the exterior of the building. I think it makes it pop a little more, and matches the interior. I added some new posters inside, and added a bunch of new cars (mostly Chevy's, of course). Added a soda pop machine outside...
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    Customs Honest Al's Used Cars

    Today I widened the new shelf with a new board, added a parking lot, an oak tree and an auto repair shop next door. My Grandfather actually built the auto repair shop from scratch, back in the 80's. I'm happy to be able to display it again. Al has gone into business with Rob. Because every auto...
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    Customs Honest Al's Used Cars

    Today I decided to try my hand at making my first building from scratch for a diorama. "Honest Al's Used Cars Chevrolet". I used a cardboard box for the base, which I carved up considerably. I lined the inside and out with white gorilla tape both to hold it together and cosmetic purposes. I also...
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    Customs Marty & Doc

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    Customs My "do-wop" diorama

    A custom 1947 Chevy Fleetline Hot Rod (by Hot Wheels) showed up in front of Roy's diner today. I painted the guy to match. Gave him a white tee and a black leather jacket. Classic greaser look, and total chick magnet, of course. :)
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    2D/3D art I Hate Manure!

    I hate manure! :) Ok, so someone suggested that I do this scene after I got the Hill Valley Court house. I had to make a manure truck for it, of course. Instead of using a 1951 Chevy Advance-Design truck (which I couldn't find anywhere), I used a 1950 Studebaker truck. Painted it blue and made...
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    Customs Lyon Estates

    So, today I decided to change my Coke billboard into an ad for the up and coming "Lyon Estates" homes. The hardest part was making the pennants. Very time consuming. They're made from fishing line and stickers which I cut to size, all painted by hand by moi. As you can see, the Delorean is...
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    Customs Hill Valley Courthouse

    The latest addition to my diorama.
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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    Found Legacy Dragstrip today. Only one on the shelf at Wally World.
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