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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    I wanted to do this, and half-price clearance at Gamestop made it possible. Can't imagine I was the first person to do this, but I did. And yes, I did the same with Scrapface.
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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Along with (dead) Minicon ports.
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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    I checked some Walgreens for Minerva. No luck, but..... Mine finally started carrying Kingdom Red Alert.
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    Transformers: EarthSpark

    Watched all 10 yesterday morning. A few things that stuck with me.
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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    I anticipate a Generations Selects in the future. I also anticipate it'll get enough details 'off' that it'll bug me like with G2 Ramjet. Details like omitting the jet decorations, making his chest shade of red and not salmon (because pink), and worse: giving him black thighs. *Yeah-yeah...
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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    My haul from TFCon Chicago last month.
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    Transformers: Rise (console MMO) rumored

    If it's something that'll actually get released, it'll probably be less of an MMO and more of a LivE ServICe. And I'll give it 2 years. Tops.
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    HasLab Victory Saber

    Hopefully I'll remember to check when I get mine. After the "Oh, neat. New Toy!" look-over but before the inevitable yeeting into storage.
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    Transformers: The Basics

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    WFC Kingdom Appreciation Thread

    If anyone still needs Kingdom Red Alert, he's currently available for shipping from Walgreens' site.
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    The Repaint Concept Thread

    Hell, if IDW had the license longer I'm sure they'd put out a "Godzilla vs. Transformers" mini.
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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Of course I could be wrong as this will give Hasbro an opportunity to get more use out of the WFC Micromasters molds. (but reverse what Armada did. The 'Bulks' will have 5mm holes on them and the WFCMMs will plug into those.
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    BotCon 2022 Nashville, TN August 25-28

    I had wanted to hit parts parties. Missed out of Friday and would've hit Saturday had anybody posted updated times. (They were all for Friday). One of the TVs in my room was unresponsive (in the 'living' area) and none of them had HDMI ports So I brought my switch for nothing. Luckily I had...
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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    If "Legacy II: Evolution" will be Armada-heavy, I'll bet lunch they (Hasbro designers) will go out of their way to make them incompatible with the old Minicons. I mean, they couldn't even add Minicon mounting points on Legacy Metroplex preventing those who still have the Cybertron one from...
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