As a child Noa missed the premier of Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001) because they were on a camping trip they didn't want to be on and from then on has dedicated their life to trying to make up for missing out on that.

Pre-Orders Open on Takara Tomy Mall for the Next Two Generations Selects Seacons!

Manta Ray and Lobster fans rejoice, because your two favorite Seacons are next up in the queue! Them, and another new reissue of Beast Wars Neo’s Big Convoy with an even bigger gun!

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Hasbro Called to Take Over the Ghostbusters Toy License!

Strap on your Proton Packs, because Hasbro has acquired the license for everyone’s favorite team of ghost hunters!

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Take Another, Even More In-Depth Look at HasLab Unicron’s Transformation!

You’ve seen the slickly edited, fast paced video, now get a close, down and dirty look at the Chaos Bringer’s conversion!

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PSA: San Diego Comic Con 2019 Transformers Exclusives Going Up Early for Hasbro Pulse Premium Members

If you’re on the higher tier of Hasbro Pulse membership, you’ll get a one day leg up on everyone else!

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