While not on active duty for S.H.I.E.L.D., LS can be found moonlighting for the Allspark.

Power Of The Primes Legends Class Wave 1 Sighted At Target in United States

Via user @Frerebear on Twitter, we have confirmation that the first wave of Legends Class figures in the Power of the Primes line is starting to show up at Target stores in the United States, following up on the Deluxe Class figures’ unexpected debut at Target over the past week. So search your Targets for Beachcomber, Slash, Skrapnel, and Windcharger!

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Transformers: First Strike Full Preview

From Adventures in Poor Taste comes the full five-page preview of IDW Publishing’s Transformers: First Strike one-shot, the final tie-in issue of the First Strike crossover event, which has been held back by numerous delays. Following up from the Optimus Prime: First Strike, the cast of Revolutionaries deals with their new friend Centurion being lured back to Baron Ironblood’s cabal. […]

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