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QT-M Optimus Prime Distributed at Kids Walkabout

The Kids Walkabout at Fuji Speedway is a popular recurring event that allows young children a walking tour of the track and pit row, helping them to learn about the sport, meet drivers, and receive free merchandise. TakaraTomy had previously released their Safety Prime exclusive at the event in 2013. At this year’s August 8 event, they gave out a […]

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Blizzard Strike Drift Revealed

Thanks to, we now have a listing for the wave-mate to the previously revealed Three-Step Thunderhoof, Blizzard Strike Drift. This figure continues the mission-specific nature of the previous Autobot refreshes while sporting a battle mask. Will we see a release at the more collector-appreciated Warrior price point? Time will tell, but for now read on for the pics.

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