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New Pictures of X-Transbots MM-IV

X-Transbots has posted some new pictures of a test shot of MM-IV to their Facebook page, this time in color.  These pictures give a good view of the construction of the figure and how all the parts function together. Are you excited for this figure, or the upcoming repaint/remold?  Talk about it on the boards here, because that never gets old.

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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Upsized Voyager Predaking Gallery

In the follow up to today’s review and gallery of the upsized Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime, we will now take a look at Predaking.  As I mentioned earlier today, many people have been finding these figures at Ross or Marshalls for less than $15…way better than the $19.99 + tax I paid at target. To begin this review, […]

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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Upsized Voyager Optimus Prime Gallery

As many of you are now finding, the upsized voyagers we first heard about during Botcon 2013 have shown up in several places, be they Target at full price, or Ross and Marshalls for $15 or less.  I will take a quick moment to review them with a gallery, starting with Optimus Prime. In truck mode, Prime is thick and […]

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New High-Res Transformers: Age of Extinction Movie Pics!

Mark Wahlberg primarily hangs around in his garage...

Twitter account Michael Bay Dot Com has posted links to high res version of the newest pics from Transformers: Age of Extinction. Mark Wahlberg and Nicola Peltz with Bumblebee An armed Mark Wahlberg strikes a grimey pose Mark Wahlberg having a “prime” moment in the garage

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Comparison pic of MP-17 Prowl and MP-21 Bumblebee!

Close enough to perfect?

Takara designer Shogu Hasui has posted a pic to his Twitter feed that shows the size comparison between MP-21 Bumblebee and MP-17 Prowl.  Too small?  Just right?  Discuss it in our MP Bumblebee thread right here!

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Full Color Images of Masterpiece Wheeljack!

Thanks to a Twitter post by Toy Dojo, we now have access to these full color images of MP-20 Wheejack!  What do you think?  Is this everything you ever wanted in a Wheeljack?  After you check out the pic, go here to discuss!    

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“Transformers: Age of Extinction” Title Sequence Revealed

While it may not be much to satiate your Transformers movie hunger, director Michael Bay’s YouTube channel has updated with the newly revealed opening sequence for Transformers: Age of Extinction. Gone are the loud sound effects, transformation sequences and even the typeface we are used to seeing from the previous three installments.

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