Mecha Nations Starscream Coronation Kit, Ultra Magnus, Devastator, and Constructicons Coming from Kids Logic

Kids Logic have updated their Facebook page with information about upcoming product for their Mecha Nations line. The first two are Hong Kong convention exclusives – a Coronation Kit  to allow your Starscream Mecha Nations figure to recreate the scene from the 1986 Transformers movie, and a white and blue Ultra Magnus repaint of Optimus Prime. The next two items […]

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New Image of Toys R Us Japan Campaign EZ Class Optimus Prime

Although we’ve seen a few images of this campaign edition toy, it’s still gets a chuckle every time we see it! Toys R Us Japan has tweeted out a new image of the Transformers Adventure EZ Class (Legion Class) Optimus Prime painted in Toys R Us inspired colors. Everyone needs an Optimus painted as Geoffrey the giraffe, don’t they? Read […]

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New Images of Transformers Adventure Jazz

Transformers designer Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out a small series of images for the upcoming Transformers Adventure Jazz figure From Takara Tomy. Although not terribly different from Hasbro’s Robots in Disguise release, the Adventure version does add a red stripe on each shoulder, blue on the forearms, black on the feet, and swaps the blue and the black on the […]

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New Promotional Images for Paper Rabbit Rope Q-Transformers

Most Transformers fans have caught glimpses of some of the strange new cross-brand Q-Transforemrs that Takara Tomy are cooking up. Today their Transformers Twitter account has tweeted out a few new images of the Paper Rabbit Rope figures. Previously only seen as concept art, these figures transform from truck mode to two of the main characters from the children’s cartoon […]

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SDCC 2015 – More Images From Hasbro’s Booth, Preview Party

Allspark user skankerzero has shared even more images of the great new goodies that Hasbro has shown off at San Diego Comic Con so far. Victorion, Generation 2 Superion, the convention exclusives, even a few things Pony arrive in this batch of images! Read on to see the new photos.

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SDCC 2015 – G2 Superion Gift Set Revealed

Although long-rumored, we have had very little visual confirmation that a Generation 2 Superion gift set was coming from Hasbro… Until now! All 6 Aerialbots – Silverbolt, Fireflight, Air Raid, Skydive, Slingshot, and Powerglide – will be getting the G2 treatment and will be sold in one giant box set. Check out images of the toys on Walky’s Tumblr – […]

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First Toy Image of Victorion from SDCC 2015

Hasbro designer John Warden has tweeted out another image of Victorion from San Diego Comic Con. This time instead of packaging art, it’s of the toy itself! The image shows a close-up of Victorion’s torso – made from a remold of Hot Spot and Legends Groove. Read on to see the tweet!

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Allspark user skankerzero send his regards – and photos! – from San Diego Comic Con 2015! Read on to check out the images that he took of the Hasbro booth from last night’s Preview Night to get a new look at Combiner Wars Sky Lynx, his combined mode – Sky Reign, and upcoming Robots in Disguise products! Then discuss all […]

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SDCC 2015 Online Only Transformers Tee From WeLoveFine

The have gotten word of an online only tee shirt being sold by WeLoveFine in celebration of San Diego Comic Con 2015. The shirt, which is being marketed as “As Seen On Staff” due to the staff of the WeLoveFine booth wearing it throughout the weekend, features artwork of Combiner Wars Devastator versus the Combiner Hunters – Arcee, Windblade, […]

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SDCC 2015: Combiner Wars Devastator Gallery

As just about everyone knows, Hasbro’s biggest exclusive that they will be offering at San Diego Comic Con this year is none other than the big guy himself… Devastator! This exclusive version of the Decepticon combiner features chrome, G1-inspired decals, and a G1 toy-inspired head sculpt. We’ll get into more of the differences later in our review, but for now […]

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