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Hisashi Yuki offers up some more Legends photos

As you know, Hisashi Yuki is a Twitter fiend and his feed has offered up some more great pictures of upcoming Takara-Tomy product. First off we have the stunningly gorgeous Unite Warriors Cyclonus standing alongside Legends Scourge and some of his Sweeps. Then a shot (or rather four) of Legends Blurr transforming from hovercar to robot. Next is Legends Weirdwolf […]

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TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive MP-14+ Anime Alert!

Giving hope to all of us who were less than impressed with Wheeljack’s overly race car centric deco; TakaraTomy mall has announced they’ll be releasing an exclusive “anime color” Red Alert. Notable changes from the original MP-14 include: -Most black has been replaced with grey -Most silver paint/plastic replaced with off-white -Off-white replacing white for the majority of the figure […]

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In-package Stock Photos of Titans Return Blaster and Powermaster Optimus Prime

Thanks to the Italian site Gamepeople, we have our first look at both Blaster & Twin Cast as well as Powermaster Optimus Prime & Apex. Hopefully packaged shots means these will soon be filtering out and we’ll start having some in-store sightings. You can check out the original listings here and here respectively and then discuss the pictures with your […]

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New Transformers Adventure promotional images TAV 44-49

Thanks to Snakas Blog we have a few promo shots of these upcoming sets. TAV-44 Sideswipe and Bumblebee – Supreme Armor Set TAV-45 Optimus Prime and Grimlock – Supreme Armor Set TAV-46 Overload TAV-47 Crazybolt TAV-48 EZ Collection Team Bumblebee vs. Thunderhoof Set TAV-49 EZ Collection Autobots vs. Clampdown Set Some real nice figures and paint schemes represented. Check out […]

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LG-EX Releases of Generations Rattrap, Rhinox, and Waspinator!

Are you in the market for some inaccurately scaled teammates/enemies for your Masterpiece Optimus Primal? You’re in luck as TakaraTomy updated their Q-Transformers site with this little doozy. It doesn’t look like there has been any remolding but each of them seems to have lost the more “shiny” paint they were previously covered with (at least in Rhinox and Waspinator’s […]

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Hasbro Australia premieres Titans Return Astrotrain and Ravage!

Thanks to an upload on the Ozformers Facebook page we have our first look at Titans Return Astrotrain and Ravage. Astrotrain is a remold of the previous Sentinel Prime who himself was a pretool for Astrotrain in the first place with his train and shuttle altmodes. He swaps out his Fire Guts God Ginrai colors for some sleek black/purple/silver in […]

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