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MP-15/16E – Cassettebots vs Cassettrons Announced

It has been five years since they first battled but now their fight has been given a Masterpiece level upgrade. Exclusive to TakaraTomy Mall it’s MP-15/16E – Cassettebots vs Cassettrons. Stripes and Nightstalker fill out the Autobot ranks and they’re set to face off against Enemy and Wingthing. While three of the figures are mere repaints, Nightstalker is an all […]

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Pictures surface for LG-47, LG-48, and LG-49

Thanks to Dengeki Hobby we finally get to see Takara-Tomy’s upcoming slate in the plastic. Kickback is up first and his Legends release has a few differences from Hasbro’s Titans Return offering. A richer purple, black upper arms, red eyes, red wrist and shin paint. His chest is a brighter yellow and has some black paint added to the crotch. […]

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Disney Label Mickey Mouse Reissue?

According to Loopaza Mega Store’s Facebook page, Takara-Tomy will be reissuing two versions of their Mickey Mouse Disney Label figure. Both the Mickey Mouse Trailer Standard and Mickey Mouse Trailer Monochrome will be available this October. No information on any other reissues (Halloween Edition Mickey, Christmas, Donald, Buzz, etc) but we’ll keep you apprised of any news here at the […]

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Transformers Legends LG47, LG48, and LG49 announced

News dropping via preorder listings at BBTS we now know the names and rough release dates of Takara’s next Legends offerings. LG47 is a two pack of Kickback and Crowbar. Kickback is obviously the G1 Insecticon but Crowbar is more of a mystery. Is it a brand new Titan Master or simply one of Hasbro’s that Takara hasn’t used so? […]

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Masterpiece Dinobot CONFIRMED at Wonderfest 2017

In addition to Toyfair, Wonderfest was going on today in Chiba. The biggest bombshell “reveal” was the third in the series of ongoing Beast Wars Masterpiece figures and it’s none other than the slag spoutin’ saurian himself DINOBOT!! All we got was a silhouette which looks like it’s probably from the show and not preliminary work on the actual toy […]

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Transformers Playskool Friends revealed via Hasbro Portugal

Are you tired of people inaccurately calling any Transformer they don’t like “Playskool”? Well that won’t stop this but now we have some more! These are probably going to be revealed in full during Toy Fair 2017 (Saturday through Tuesday February 18-21, 2017). We have some nice clear shots of Bumblebee and Optimus via the Hasbro Portugal website. Another picture […]

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TakaraTomy Legends LG-EX Head-Master Set


Were you wondering if/when/how TakaraTomy was planning on releasing some of the Hasbro only Titan Master heads? If you made a bet that Headmaster Brawn would be coming out with his upcoming Legends (the scale) figure; looks like you owe someone some money. Yes, thanks to and their scanned FigureKing issue (No.227) we now know that he (as Gong!) […]

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Dick Gautier (Rodimus Prime, Apeface) passes away at 85

Actor Dick Gautier

Actor Dick Gautier, best known (to us) as Rodimus Prime passed away yesterday at 85. His other Transformers voice work included his own gun (Firebolt) as well as Apeface and a Quintesson scientist. This was in addition to his already impressive voice acting credits. Everything from Go-Bots to Sogmaster to Serpentor to Spike (in Tom & Jerry) and even a […]

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Bathing Ape unveils Transformers Masterpiece MP-10K Convoy BAPE Black Camo Version

Joining the ranks of their previous Primes, we have yet another exclusive version of the venerable MP-10 mold. This one also has the added benefit of being a passable Prime corpse as the coloring veers somewhat close to what his body looked like after he “died” in TF:TM. Of course he didn’t have the shoulder Ape insignia but whatyougonnado? Like […]

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Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer is here!

Giving us our first look at Michael Bay’s upcoming FIFTH movie in the Transformers Cinematic franchise, the Last Knight trailer is here! Explosions, violence, arrows, Nazi’s, swords, Dinobot(s), and so much more! Check it out: Now discuss your thoughts and theories it with your fellows fans on the Allspark

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