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Disney Label Mickey Mouse Reissue?

According to Loopaza Mega Store’s Facebook page, Takara-Tomy will be reissuing two versions of their Mickey Mouse Disney Label figure. Both the Mickey Mouse Trailer Standard and Mickey Mouse Trailer Monochrome will be available this October. No information on any other reissues (Halloween Edition Mickey, Christmas, Donald, Buzz, etc) but we’ll keep you apprised of any news here at the […]

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Transformers Playskool Friends revealed via Hasbro Portugal

Are you tired of people inaccurately calling any Transformer they don’t like “Playskool”? Well that won’t stop this but now we have some more! These are probably going to be revealed in full during Toy Fair 2017 (Saturday through Tuesday February 18-21, 2017). We have some nice clear shots of Bumblebee and Optimus via the Hasbro Portugal website. Another picture […]

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Bathing Ape unveils Transformers Masterpiece MP-10K Convoy BAPE Black Camo Version

Joining the ranks of their previous Primes, we have yet another exclusive version of the venerable MP-10 mold. This one also has the added benefit of being a passable Prime corpse as the coloring veers somewhat close to what his body looked like after he “died” in TF:TM. Of course he didn’t have the shoulder Ape insignia but whatyougonnado? Like […]

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