ScreenRant gives us a look at a “Bumblebee” deleted scene featuring Charlie and Otis

The Bumblebee movie continues to win audiences over and reward rewatching — this time at home, thanks to home video releases in various formats. If the opportunity to check out the film at your leisure isn’t enough, the home editions — which include 4K ultra Hd, digital, and Blu-Ray formats — pack in a lot of extras. Included are a […]

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The Washington Times reviews “Bumblebee” (4K Ultra HD)

Last December’s live-action Transformers outing is hitting home, and the critical reception for Bumblebee continues to be positive — at least, if this latest review by the Washington Times is any indication. The website reviewed the 4K Ultra HD edition of the 2018 Travis Knight film, pronouncing it “truly more than meets the eye” and citing the way that Bee […]

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Transformers TCG Rules Roundup – April 5, 2019

The Transformers TCG continues to gather steam with new decks and cards seeing release for season 2’s Rise of the Combiners. To keep new and existing players abreast of the game’s developments and help them fine-tune their strategies, the Transformers TCG Facebook account has posted notes on the characters and cards. This week’s Rules Roundup gathers questions from players and […]

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Entertainment Weekly posts Knight rundown of the Transformers in the epic Bumblebee movie opening scene

The Travis Knight-helmed solo movie for Bumblebee charged out the gate with Cybertronian guns blazing, in a memorable G1 lovefest that had many 80s-raised fans hooked within the first five minutes of the film. Nowthat the movie is out on home video, these fans get a chance to wear out the replay function — so to speak — to pick […]

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The second series of Hasbro’s adorable new branch of the Transformers property is hitting stores in many areas this April, and just to get our appetites whetted further, gives us a quick, fun peek at the packaging for the multipacks and blind-box single-figure releases. Alsofeatured are the BotBots Challenge of getting new rare figures, and the checklist for series […]

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Transformers TCG’s Matt Smith talks about Constructing Devastator!

One innovative and exciting new feature of the Transformers TCG is its combiner mechanic, and one of the latest developments on that front is the arrival of the six-card combiner, Devastator. The Transformers TCG Facebook page recently put up a new Note from designer Matt Smith, called “Constructing Devastator”. As one might expect, Smith goes into the logic and design […]

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Jon Bailey goes bee-hind the scenes for Bumblebee movie interviews!

The Bumblebee movie has closed out a successful theatrical run, and is making its way to our homes via various home video releases as we speak. Along with the gorgeous 4K ultra HD and Blu-Ray quality rendering of Bee, his human buddy Charlie, and his decidedly more metallic cohorts and adversaries, one thing everyone is looking forward to getting is […]

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Best Buy exclusive Bumblebee movie SteelBook released!

The latest live-action Transformers film featuring the beloved yellow ‘bot is hitting home video with a variety of releases, and the latest seems to be very striking indeed. The official Bumblebee movie Twitter account announced the release of a Best Buy-exclusive SteelBook edition of the film. Available now, the Best Buy exclusive SteelBook release consists of two discs, with digital, […]

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