Callum somehow managed to avoid Transformers during his actual childhood, but then the live-action films piqued his interest, Animated suckered him in, and IDW's comics made sure he stuck around.

Action and Adventure Podcast: First Strike Primer

With IDW’s First Strike beginning tomorrow, the Allspark presents a special episode of the Action and Adventure podcast to get you prepared! In order to get you ready, we’ll review the last year’s worth of events from each of the titles that will be involved in the upcoming event. Whether you’re a hardcore reader, one-franchise-fan, or a newbie looking to see what’s […]

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SDCC Revolution Boxset – An In-Depth Guide!

Hasbro’s Revolution set for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is the talk of the town today, bringing together seven different franchises for one big boxset. You’d be forgiven for thinking this set draws its inspiration solely from the IDW crossover it’s named for, but it actually pulls on a variety of sources, including G.I. Joe: Renegades and more! We’re here with the low-down […]

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