Galen has been a member of the Allspark staff since 2007.

Mairghread Scott Talks “Till All Are One,” and Its Human Take on Transformers

Newsarama posted an interview with Mairghread Scott, writer of IDW’s new “Transformers: Till All Are One” series which is set to debut in June.  She talks about how this is to be the most human of all the TF books, focusing on the Council of Worlds and the power struggle between Windblade and Starscream.  There’s also a bunch of previews […]

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TFSS 5.0 Subscription Ordering Opens

The Transformers Subscription Service is now open for the 5.0 set of figures.  Recently featured in the Club Magazine and revealed in full at Botcon, the set includes Counterpunch, Lifeline, Fractyl and Scorponok, Toxitron, Double Pretender Megatron, Double Pretender Optimus, and a 7th unknown surprise figure.  The set costs $330 plus shipping, payable all at once or in installments.  Get […]

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Allspark Interviews Hasbro Brand Team at Botcon 2016

During Botcon 2016, Galen from the Allspark got to spend a few minutes talking with members of the Hasbro brand team Ben Montano, Marketing Director, and Ed Masiello, Design Manager.  We talked about the process of moving from one big concept (Combiner Wars) to another (Titans Return), about the process of market research and playtesting for collectors vs. non-collectors, and […]

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Botcon Allspark Get-Together for Dinner Fri 4/8, 5:30pm, at 4th Street Live!

Friday night, the dealer room closes at 5:00, and the Hall of Fame/Concert event at 4th Street Live doesn’t start until 8:00.  Gotta eat!  Eat with us!  Allspark Get-Together at Sports and Social Club starting at 5:30pm for Burgers, Sandwiches, Pizza (pub fair, generally) – and bowling if you’re interested!  The restaurant is located at 4th Street Live where the […]

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Botcon Golden Ticket Exclusive Reflector and Souvenirs Revealed. Plus a Few Box Set Pics!

Powered Convoy has shared his photos from Botcon 2016 of Golden Ticket Exclusive toy (a clear Reflector from the Legends Shockwave toy) and some pics of the box set toys!  Also a few images from the comic that indicate what the other souvenirs will be!  Thanks also to Defensis Prime for pics of the sales sheet!  Read on to for […]

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