Jeff is and always has been a fan of biomechanical science fiction. Currently collecting the Generations toyline.

VIZ Media announces Publishing Rights for Transformers: A Visual History

VIZ Media, a manga and anime distribution and entertainment company, has announced on Facebook that they will be partnering with Hasbro to create Transformers: A Visual History, which will be out Fall 2019. The book will showcase movie art from Hasbro and Paramount archives, and will be written by author and well-known Transformers fan Jim Sorensen. TRANSFORMERS: A Visual History, […]

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Bumblebee Home Video Release will include Storyboard-Focused Featurette

Via, we have a previews of a storyboard-focused interview with director Travis Knight and the visual effects team on the importance of conveying characters’ emotions in the film. See the full details on the upcoming featurette in the article, then share your thoughts in our Bumblebee film discussion thread on the Allspark Forums or in our Discord server.

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Gobots Reference in new Bumblebee Movie Deleted Scene

Via SyFy Wire, we have a newly released deleted scene from Bumblebee, in which Charlie and Memo are discussing how Bumblebee might have arrived on Earth. And Memo theorizes what Bumblebee might be…guess that makes Gobots canon to the movie-verse. Check out the clip below, and get Bumblebee on Digital HD today and Blu-ray, 4K and DVD on April 2! Click here to […]

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Video Review for MOVIE MASTERPIECE MPM-08 Megatron

YouTube Channel TonTon Review has yet another early review for us, this time MPM-08 Megatron from the Movie Masterpiece series.   TonTon Review has previously shared early reviews of Generations War for Cybertron: Siege products. Demand the cube in our Masterpiece thread on the Allspark Forums, or start a conversation in our Discord server or at our Facebook page. Or go into both, if you […]

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