Copper has been a fan of Transformers since age four, when she saw the 1986 movie on VHS and demanded to watch it again. You can find her on the forums (and elsewhere in the tubes) as Copper Bezel.

IDW Announces Goosebumps Comic Series and Behaving Madly, a Vintage “Funny Magazine” Anthology

IDW isn’t just transforming robots and colorful ponies. The media company announced two new items today: an ongoing comic adaptation of the much-beloved Scholastic children’s horror series Goosebumps, and the bound anthology text Behaving Madly, produced in partnership with Yoe! Books, collecting representatives of comic-style, satirical magazines of the 1950s other than the historic MAD Magazine.

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Even More TakaraTomy stock images of Transformers Legends Bumble, Slugslinger, Perceptor, and Octone

Hot on the heels of the first image reveals yesterday, TakaraTomy have released more detailed images of the four new Legends counterparts to Titans Return Bumblebee, Slugslinger, Perceptor, and Octane, showcasing particularly their new partners. (“Partner” may be a strong word for Octone’s relationship with Starscream’s ghost!)

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