Jo, aka "Broadside", had her first experience with Transformers watching Transformers: Cybertron on CITV, but only really got involved in the fandom through the IDW comics. When not posting on the Allspark, she can sometimes be found contributing to the Transformers and IDW Hasbro wikis... sometimes.

“When I bring on the apocalypse, this will all be worth it…” – First Trailer for Machinima’s Power of the Primes Web Series Released!

Machinima have released the first trailer for their upcoming Power of the Primes webseries! Following on from the end of the Titans Return series, it seems that Power of the Primes will begin with Megatron, Windblade, Victorion and Perceptor on the run in a technological forest after the ancient villain Megatronus’s murder of Optimus Prime, where they are attacked by the Dinobots.

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Amazon Germany listings for Titan Master Optimus Primal and Toraizer

In late 2016, rumors based on Toys ‘R Us store listings suggested that Titan Master versions of Optimus Prime and the Master Warrior Toraizer would be released, alongside Ramhorn, in Hasbro’s Titans Return line. While Ramhorn, and the other rumors leaked from store listings alongside it – such as Legends Cosmos and Seaspray, and Voyager Broadside – came to pass, nothing […]

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Legends LG-54 to 57 names leaked, feat. Exo-Suit Spike

Posted on the “Planet Iacon – Singapore Transformers Fans Unite!” Facebook page, upcoming TakaraTomy “Transformers Legends” figures have been reported, though with no pictures: LG-54 Bumblebee and Exo-Suit Spike LG-55 Targetmaster Slugslinger LG-56 Perceptor LG-57 Octane Additionally, they’re reporting a rerelease of MP-10B Black Convoy. Though precedent suggests most of these will be redecoes or new-face retools of their Titans […]

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New Rescue Bots toys – Dragon Heatwave, Knight Watch Bumblebee, Silverback the Gorilla-Bot, and more!

The cartoon may be over, but the Rescue Bots line is still going strong, as evidenced by a set of new toys that seem to have slipped under the radar, including both redecos and several new molds! Much of the line has a theme of dragons and dinosaurs, an evident tie-in to the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight movie.

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Masterpiece Rumors – Blaster, Trailbreaker, Cassettes, and Twincast!

Rumors posted by Weibo user “narrative”, previously known to have revealed large amounts of Masterpiece-related material including pictures of MP Hot Rod and MPM Bumblebee and Barricade, have been posted to They claim that MP-39 Sunstreaker will be followed by Masterpiece versions of Dinobot, Blaster, Trailbreaker, a two-pack of Autobot Mini-Cassettes, and Twincast; both Blaster and Twincast are said […]

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