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Sentinel Co. Ltd. Gigantic Action Scorponok – Gallery

October 17th marked the official release of Sentinel Co. Ltd’s Gigantic Action Scorponok.  A Fortress Maximus/Gen. Metroplex-sized non-transforming Scorponok figure.  If you just have to have a nemesis for the biggest transformers in your collection, and don’t mind a two foot non-transforming…..doll…..this is your guy.  Enjoy the gallery of pictures and size comparisons after the break.  These images come by […]

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New Badcube OTS-3 Backland Photos

Courtesy of weibo user 犬犬猫猫反斗城, we have some excellent photos of Badcube’s upcoming release of OTS-3 Backland, a.k.a. Outback.  These photos showcase the ‘Quint Journal’ accessory pack that comes along for the ride for people who are purchasing both OTS-2 Brawny & OTS-3 Backland as a set.  As seen in the photos, they help recreate one of those special moments in […]

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