Andy grew into Transformers in 1989 and never got around to growing out of it, joining the Allspark forums in 2003 as Andrusi. His office display both intrigues and terrifies his co-workers, none of whom have noticed the true centerpiece: Micromaster Stakeout.

IDW Announces New Gears of War Series

Hot on the heels of their Sonic the Hedgehog announcement, IDW has revealed that another video game franchise will be joining their stable: Gears of War, a license previously held by Wildstorm.  They will be launching a new series penned by Kurtis Wiebe starting in January 2018, as well as re-releasing the previous material.

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Action Toys Machine Robo Preorders: Shuttle Robo and Missile Tank Robo at BBTS

Site sponsor BigBadToyStore has opened preorders for the upcoming Shuttle Robo and Missile Tank Robo from Action Toys’s Machine Robo line, corresponding to the Guardian GoBots Spay-C and Blaster!

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Putting a Number on the Movie Transformers’ Destruction

From stomping the Witwickys’ birdbath to laying waste to Chicago, the Autobots and Decepticons of the live-action movies excel at destruction. But just how much damage have they caused?

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