More Details and Cover Art for Transformers/Ghostbusters Crossover Comic from IDW

This weekend saw the reveal of Ectotron, the Transformers Collaborative release mashing up Ghostbusters with Transformers, and even news of an accompanying five issue mini-series from IDW Publishing. Now, thanks to an article on io9, we have some more info and our first look at artwork for the series. Comments

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TFSource Sponsor News – Toyfair reveal preorders including Siege, Studio Series, Masterpiece & More!

TFSource updates this week with preorders on freshly announced items from the New York Toy Fair! That means War for Cybertron: Siege items like Omega Supreme, Jetfire, and Springer, Generations Selects G2 Combat Megatron, Studio Series Jetwing Optimus Prime and helicopter Drift, and more! Plus see items arriving this week like Siege Leaders Wave 2 and the latest Studio Series! […]

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