Allspark Showcase Collection For June 2021

Another month is here, and we are highlighting the collections of our fandom! Bringing you a look at an amazing collection each and every month. So read on to see this month’s amazing collection!

The collection of the month won’t always be the largest, or cleanest, or even the most expensive. It will be an amazing collection that is worth everyone’s time to check out! Maybe it might inspire you to add to your collection or change the way it is displayed.
This month’s showcase collection belongs to The Finnish Collector! Their collection is a little different from the previous collections we have highlighted, as its integrated right into the rest of their home. As always, we sat down and asked him a few questions about his collection and Transformers in general.


Allspark: When did you get into Transformers?
The Finnish Collector: I got into Transformers when I first saw Armada. I watched whole Unicron Trilogy when I was young. When UT ended or was it during; via Youtube I watched 86 Transformers: The Movie and some G1 episodes. Can say that I watched all three seasons of Beast Wars and 2001RID from YT when they were available. Also via Youtube I watched Animated and Prime but 2015RID I watched from a different site.
Allspark: What is you favorite TF toyline?
The Finnish Collector: Ahh.. I’ll say Generations, though Generations line as whole; it has managed to provide what I have desired while it hasn’t like how Titans Return toyline never showed in here back in the day or how in here Earthrise saw retail release but not Siege.
Allspark: Who was your first Transformer?
The Finnish Collector: Bit hazy on that since my first TF collectables were Armada Mini-Cons but have faint recalling that Armada Space Mini-Con Team was my first. I collected about 6 Armada Mini-Con teams though my first and only full sized Armada toy was Smokescreen. It was around Energon when I stopped collecting; Energon, Cybertron, Animated and 2007 Cinematic toylines passed me till it was during Revenge of the Fallen when I started to collect again but in random.
Allspark: Which TF is your personal favorite?
The Finnish CollectorThat’s good question. And hard to pin down.. But can list 5 bots that click me: Autobot Inferno, Astrotrain, Quake (due his TR toy), Soundwave and Optimus Primal. But my personal favorite.. Ohh.
Allspark: What inspired you to setup your collection in this manner?
The Finnish Collector: Well since I can’t have room for actual display shelves, I use all the little pockets and open areas to set my bots at. And it was I think from my first house cleaning where I get idea to switch bots around; who to put on display and put away for time been. I’m proud of my little tree like layer shelve which does help. Word of advice if any of you want to do same: Make sure that you have sturdy base.
Allspark: What is your holy grail Transformer?
The Finnish Collector: My Holy Grail Transformer? I think; it would be Combiner Wars Devastator set as it’s my first Titan Class toy, formed from 6 Voyager Class bots. Was really surprised to see this set to arrive in my “local” Toys ‘R’ Us back in the day, was almost ready to pick one till part of me hold that thought and told me to save the picking for another time.
Allspark: Do you think that you will ever reach a point where you have all the Transformers that you want?
The Finnish Collector: It has crossed my mind few times.. But considering that majority what Transformers toys I would like have to be bought from internet and what I can find from my store scouting trips; it’s bit fifty-fifty will I ever get that point.



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