TFSource News – DX9 Giuliano, CANG-TOYS Firmament, Vecma Studios, Transformers Gen. Selects Volcanicus & More!

We have an exciting newsletter from TFSource. There are loads of new instock items this week, including DX9 Toys Giuliano, CANG-TOYS Firmament, Lemon Tree LT-03 Purple Potato, Generations Selects Volcanicus, and Devil Saviour Compresor. We also have preorders for Premium Finish Optimus prime and Bumblebee. As well, the Spring Sale is still ongoing.

New Instock Items!
DX9 Toys Attila Combiner D17 Giuliano
Transformers Studio Series | Transformers: The Movie 86 – Deluxe Class 86-02 Kup
Lemon Tree LT-03 Purple Potato
TT-GS11 Volcanicus Set of 5 Takara Tomy Mall Exclusive | Transformers Generations Selects War for Cybertron Trilogy
DS-03 Compresor | Devil Saviour Construction Combiner
MS-B21 Intelligence Officer | Magic Square
MakeToys Re: Master Ex Series MTRM-EX01 Acid Swarm
Fans Hobby Master Builder MBA-04 Upgrade Kit for MB-08 Double Evil
ZB-07 Superitron Combiner Crystal Edition Set of 5
New Preorders!
Vecma Studio Head Warrior VS Set of 7 Figures
WFC-01 Optimus Prime Premium Finish Voyager Class | Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Siege Chapter
SS-01 Bumblebee Premium Finish Deluxe Class | Transformers Studio Series | Transformers: Bumblebee
ROBO-DOU Proto Type-00 | Rebuild of Evangelion | Threezero
MB-14 Kap | Fans Hobby Master Builder
DA-77 Powered Suits System Set Version A and B | Diaclone Reboot
Mech Fans Toys MF-19 Cycolnaus
KFC Toys Stratotanker Metallic Version EAVI Metal Phase 11-A+
KFC Toys Transistor Pure Red Metallic Version and HiFi
Kotobukiya Zoids Highend Master Model EZ-027 Rev Raptor Model Kit
EZ-027 Rev Raptor Model Kit | Kotobukiya Zoids Highend Master Model
Mechanic Studios MS-28 Thunderbolt
New Age Preorders

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