More info on “Premium Finish” series, including upcoming releases

Loopaza Mega Store on Facebook posted the following details about the apparent upcoming Takara series, Transformers Premium Finish:
“We’ve received some details of the coming up Transformers Premium Finish (PF) Series. This will be the original Japanese series, by selective of characters from two popular series: “Studio Series” & “War for Cybertron”. The PF will add original premium paint details to make it as close to the screen accurate as possible. The first two release will be SS Bumblebee from Bumblebee Movie & Optimus Prime from the Netflix WFC Trilogy. Premium Finish will start release in coming October and will have 2 characters release in each month until March 2022 which means total of 12 characters (6 each).”
The following pictures, including looks at the first two releases and a teaser breakdown of releases, were also posted.

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