Yahoo! gives us a first look at the solo Snake Eyes movie toyline

Fans awaiting GI Joe’s return to cinemas in the solo Snake Eyes movie have another reason to celebrate: aside from Henry Golding dropping by to join the upcoming Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest, the retail toyline for the movie has been revealed at Yahoo! Entertainment.
Spoiler alert: if you’ve recently gotten hooked on the new 6-inch Classified Series, you’re in for a treat! Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

So far there seems to be two scales involved in the toyline: 6″ and 12″.
The 12-inch scale features Ninja Strike Snake Eyes, with a button-activated sword slash motion and movie-accurate outfit.

There’s more of a crowd in the main 6-inch scale line, which features multiple versions of Snake Eyes, a Stealth Cycle for Snake Eyes, and great-looking updates for other key players like Scarlett, the Baroness, Storm Shadow, the Red Ninja, and the Night Creeper!

Roleplay items like the Special Missions Mask and Morning Light sword are also available, to let kids in on the full Snake Eyes experience.

The full gallery and info are up on the Yahoo! Entertainment news page.
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