Allspark Showcase Collection For April 2021

Continuing our new showcase feature from last month, we are highlighting the collections of our fandom and bringing you a look at an amazing collection every month. So read on to see this month’s amazing collection!

The collection of the month won’t always be the largest, or cleanest, or even the most expensive. It will be an amazing collection that is worth everyone’s time to check out! Maybe it might inspire you to add to your collection or change the way it is displayed.
This month’s showcase collection belongs to Marwin Shah! Shah is from the Malaysian trans4mers community as well as several other Transformers groups. As always, we sat down and asked him a few questions about his collection and Transformers in general. Check out our interview below!


Allspark:  When did you get into Transformers?
Marwin Shah: I have been interested in the world of transformers since 1992 while watching the Masterforce series.
Allspark: Who was your first Transformer?


Marwin Shah: My first Transformers was Skid from the generation one aka G1 toys.
Allspark:  Which TF is your personal favorite?
Marwin Shah: My favorite character is Wheeljack. If for the toy, it’s Hound.

Allspark: What is you favorite TF toyline?

Marwin Shah: Among all the other toy lines I like, is the masterpiece line.
Allspark: What inspired you to setup your collection in this manner?
Marwin Shah: Previously I was more inclined to use Detolf, but rather need a large space. So after seeing displays from friends in Facebook and toy collectors, I finally chose Billy cabinets from Ikea because it’s easier to compile and more interesting

Allspark: What Transformer are you looking forward to adding to your collection the most?
Marwin Shah: Among the most I look forward to is Unicron from HasLab.

Allspark: Do you think that you will ever reach a point where you have all the Transformers that you want?
Marwin Shah: Still in mind to fulfill what is desired. For now I am more focused on completing the masterpiece lineup from G1 to Masterforce series.

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