TFSource News – Diaclone Gridman, Transformers Kingdom Optimus Primal, Gen. Selects G2 Ramjet, Afterlife Ectotron!

We have a fresh newsletter from TFSource. Preorders are now open for 01 Battles Gridman, a very interesting crossover between Gridman (as the name might imply) and Diaclone Reboot! Read on to check it out and everything else that’s new and coming soon this week.

New Preorders!
Ghostbusters: Afterlife – Transformers Collaborative – Ecto-1 Ectotron
Jiang Xing JX MetalBeast 01-B Cold Dragon
WFC-GS24 G2 Ramjet | Transformers Generations Selects War for Cybertron Trilogy
Diaclone Gridman Universe – 01 Battles Gridman, 02 Gridman and 03 Gridsuit
STC-02 Supreme Techtial Commander Trytant | TFC Toys
DA-74 Triverse Trirambler D Caliber | Diaclone Reboot
Mech Fans Toys MF-49 Emitter and MF-27D Sixninja
Mechanic Toys MS-27 Poison
Iron Factory IF-EX48 Hannyamaru
Planet X PX-06D Peklenc
Jiang Xing JX MetalBeast 01-B Cold Dragon
Mastermind Creations Ocular Max Perfection Series PS-01C Sphinx Cel
New Instock Items!
Transformers Kingdom Voyager Optimus Primal
X-Transbots MasterX MX-18 Dr. Egg
Gundam Robot Spirits RX-78GP01Fb Full Burnern | Version A.N.I.M.E.
Voltron Defender of the Universe Ultimates Voltron
Transformers Studio Series The Movie 86 Deluxe Class Jazz and Blurr
Transformers Kingdom Core Class Vertebreak
Transformers Masterpiece Beast Wars MP-41 Dinobot
Transformers Masterpiece MP-39+ Spinout
Devil Saviour Construction Combiner DS-02 Giant Axe
Newage the Legendary Heroes H21W Karate Kid
Diaclone Reboot DA-59 Triverse Tri-Rambler and DA-60 Verse Riser Vol. 3
Machine Robo Tough Trailer
Transformers Bumblebee Movie DLX Soundwave and Ravage Collectible Figure

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