Takara Tomy reveals that Kingdom Rodimus Prime… has The Touch!

In a small but interesting followup to the reveal of Takara’s WFC: Kingdom Rodimus Prime preorders, Takara Tomy themselves have put up a gallery of the upcoming Commander Class figure.
It’s mostly the same photos we’ve seen from Amazon.jp and other stores, with one bonus photo that shows off Rodimus Prime opening the Matrix of Leadership, including what seems to be a new “Matrix energy” effect part, one of the ten effect parts he comes with!

“A new commander who inherited the matrix from Optimus Prime.
He was worried about the pressure of being a leader and was taught by a kendo master.
Armed with a long rifle called a photon eliminator, it also shoots a beam from the exhaust pipe on the arm.
It transforms into a trailer truck of Cybertron, and the rear container also transforms into a mobile turret.
Takara Tomy’s release of WFC: Kingdom Rodimus Prime is set for August, 2021.
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