Stan Bush Releases Two New Transformers Music Videos!

Ever since 1986, Stan Bush has been associated with Transformers, and the “The Touch” artist has released two new Transformers music videos! Read on to check them out!



Are you a true believer? In 1986, Stan Bush co-wrote and recorded the iconic hit “The Touch” for The Transformers: The Movie. Now he reunites with the franchise with “True Believer,” inspired by the Netflix series Transformers: War for Cybertron and Optimus Prime, who never gives up or loses hope. Three decades on, Stan Bush hasn’t lost his touch. Stan Bush’s latest album, DARE TO DREAM, is out now. More information is available on his official website at​


This isn’t the first time Stan Bush has come back to Transformers. Back in 2009, he released an updated version of The Touch called Sam’s Theme.

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