Possible leak: WFC: Kingdom Galvatron… and (Selects?) T-Wrecks

In a pretty unexpected reveal, it would seem that the rumored WFC: Kingdom Galvatron has been leaked. The mad tyrant is visible (if somewhat jumbled up) in an image shared on the Allspark Discord by user Voxel. This image is from Kremzeek Reviews on Instagram, who’s previewed upcoming releases before.  A fuller look is presumably coming soon.
What’s more, the picture also affords us a glimpse at what could be a T-Wrecks redeco of WFC: Kingdom Beast Megatron.The Beast Era Dinobot leader could be headed for Generations: Selects, but this is the first time we’re seeing… well, part of him, in the flesh plastic.

It would seem that WFC: Kingdom Rodimus Prime has his opposite number headed his way soon — and Studio Series 86 Scourge and WFC: Kingdom Cyclonus are likely to happily welcome the boss on your shelves. And of course, if you’ve got HasLab Unicron incoming, it’s shaping up to be quite a reunion.
(But yay, T-Wrecks!)
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