Is this our first look at WFC: Kingdom Rodimus Prime?

With thanks to Ben Yee of Loopaza Mega Store on Facebook has put up a very interesting bit of news about an upcoming Takara Tomy WFC: Kingdom item.
It’s “KD-12 Rodimus Prime”, seemingly giving credence to the rumored Commander Class figure! The listing has a photo showing the robot mode (bearing Rodimus Prime’s signature photon eliminator and a sword… of Primus?) and a Hot Rod-style Cybertronian race car vehicle mode.

While that vehicle mode choice may seem odd for a “Rodimus Prime“, the item is priced at JPY13,000, placing it in the same price point as the last Commander Class release (WFC: Earthrise Sky Lynx). Furthermore, there’s something about the shape of this particular car configuration that seems to invite a trailer…

Also listed are upcoming releases of Studio Series SS-68 ROTF Bumblebee with Sam (JPY2,800), and Collaborative series Maverick (JPY5,000).

Per the listing, these items are set for release in August 2021!
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